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Hello all,

I'm an independent filmmaker (cameraman, editor and colour grader) with a master's degree in film and video. I'm also a freelance writer currently creating content around news in the games industry.

I'm seeking something a little more creative in terms of writing and because of this I'm offering my services to anyone around the Cape Town area who may need it. I'd love to be more involved in the scene so hit me up if you need any help with stuff. Money would of course be a plus but I'm more interested in being involved in the creation of games than anything else.

I have a wildlife documentary currently running on Animal Planet South America and I've also been involved in pitching some of my cartoon concepts internationally. Unfortunately the latter fell through because of the people I was working with, but I'm already working on some new pitches.

I know it isn't related to gaming but you can watch the teaser for our show here if you're at all interested:

Thanks for stopping by.

*EDIT: I've attached a sample of my writing, just a little rough draft of something I'm working on. This makes it a lot easier, as someone helpfully pointed out :)


  • I'm not in a position to hire right now, but I would still be interested in seeing writing samples. :P (I have a selfish habit of looking at peoples' writing so that I can take note of how bad I am at fields I know I'm not good at, to inaccurately gauge how useful a writer even from outside the game industry could contribute to my games.)

    I'd also recommend attending local game jams if you're able to, to get to know the community better and get some game experience under your belt and practise writing for interactive (and often non-linear) media.
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  • Hi there Elyaradine,

    I'll send you something shortly that you can have a look at. I've been to a get together before and will be attending the next one here in Cape Town as well. It would be great to put some faces to the names :)

    I'm also interested in hearing what people have to say about Unity as I've recently committed myself to learning how to use it. I'm very interested in pursuing some involvement in the whole medium as gaming is something I love a lot. As we all do on here I am sure hehe.

    Thanks for the reply!
    You'll have something in your inbox in the next few minutes.
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  • I updated my post with an attachment. Feel free to read it if you're interested and I hope you enjoy :)
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