Binaural Dummy Head DIY

Hello and Merry Christmas MGSA!

Happy festive period etc. etc.
Hope everyone is in good spirits and to quote @Benjets I hope everyone is "Excellent to each other"!

I have been crafting away at something exciting these last couple of months and have finally managed to put some words to it.


For those that are interested in Binaural recording and who want to make something like this I have made a very rough step by step guide of how you would make a dummy head - I compiled techniques and guides from various websites and made sure to obey the laws of physics as much as I could.

This is the result - a blog post:

I would love to hear what you devs/sound guys would want to (re)create in Binaural, it is a very niche technology and it is used sparingly in games but I would like to explore it beyond what has been done. I haven't thought of many ideas yet but really want to try it out in a game jam sometime, any ideas regarding its implementation in game design?

Interested in your thoughts and feedback!


  • Nice work , time to research "binaural"
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  • Ha, I was talking to Maike a few months ago about how I wanted to incorporate the binaural stuff into a game, but how I wasn't sure how to.

    Like, as far as I know, games currently don't do accurate sound bouncing, so you don't really get the advantage of modelling an accurate head in-game, and letting the shape of the head and separate locations of audio listeners sort themselves out with sheer physics. Currently, it seems that if you want to make use of binaural audio, you're doing it pre-recorded (as you've done here), which means you're forced to assume a game where your head remains in a static position. :(

    There have been some experiments/research into having more realistic audio though, like this:
  • @Sash this sounds along the lines of what you were making.
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