[WANTED] Junior to Mid-level Unity dev - remote

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Considering taking on a paid intern / junior Unity dev to join in on various projects both internal and external. You need to be highly ordered / structured in your approach to doing the work. Low tolerance for laxness and excuses. Provided you are orderly, responsible and self-disciplined, this could be a good avenue for learning - I'm known for instructing folks on gamedev stackexchange, and enjoy teaching provided the heart and mind of the student are open. Bottom line: I'm good at teaching; so you need to be good at listening, learning and following instructions to the letter.

Will consider applications from more experienced C# developers looking to make a move into games. Let me know focus areas / experience and we can discuss possibilities in terms of your engagement. Open mind required.

Work is remote. You will be paid as a contractor, on a milestone basis. You will report in with astounding regularity.

No chancers. I will want to see a record of completed projects and contactable refs. Trial basis to start. PM CV and rate, I will get back to you if interested. Long term relationship and more perks for the right person as time goes on.
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  • Dear Mr. Nick Wiggil

    I am contacting you in response to the Junior Developer post as advertised on "makegamessa.com"

    I just finished a four-year software engineering course at Belgium campus and I am very interested in game development and have been researching companies, and instead your post stood out to me. I am very interested in the work you do and I would like further my expertise in the field as advertised.

    I have experience with several programming languages such as c#, java,3D modelling and several more as well as good communication skills . I believe I would be of great value, and that with this opportunity would help me grow into the expert I am capable of becoming.

    I am very interested in discussing this further with you
    Kind regards
    Magongwa Karabo CV.pdf
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