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    I would recommend that we repost some of the more interesting discussions on the FB group to get some movement there. Im sure that Evans discussions about working with a publisher and the GJ breakdowns would be of a lot of interest!
  • @Chris_Bischoff good idea, I think I'll do a "Best of the Forums" post every week, dig through some of our archives of the forum to find other good posts
  • Great idea! I think a Best of the Facebook Group on there with links back to here would also work quite well in getting people to visit the forums from the group.
  • Here's the slack signup link, in case you want to add it to the OP:
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  • @MoonPanda it seems the discord invite link had expired. Is the discord still active?
  • I'm not "social media" savvy, so what's the difference between the Facebook group and the Facebook page?

    Do we need both or can we merge them into one resource?

    I see JHB posts their events on the group and CT posts their events on the page. I've posted the next event for JHB on the group but I don't seem to have permission to post on the page. Can an admin help me replicate the details?
  • They work differently, I advocate for the use of the group because of various accessibility things (pages are more authoritative, it pretty much demands everything come from owner/admins, groups are more flexible. And I think visibility wise, pages need to buy ads to have more people see page posts come up in people's timelines).

    The page has been around since before the group started, and I don't really interact with it. I don't know how the page feels for other people. Whoever runs and/or makes use of it should give us an impression.

    I don't think we need both, but I dunno who runs the page.
  • I think we've been using the page to post CT meetup events. It allows the host to be the page instead of someone (I'm not sure if groups can do that). I don't really know what the differences are TBH
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