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My name is Lara Horne, I currently reside in Johannesburg, but I am looking to relocate to Cape Town.

I have a specialized degree in Screenwriting from UCT.

I have experience in radio, marketing, tech, film (on and off set) & gaming.

Currently, in the world of gaming, I work as an eSports Presenter at nAvTV Gaming.

Most recently:
I worked as a Gaming Podcaster at NAG
I worked on set with Eddie Izzard as a Production Co-ordinator
Have a look at the link below for my:

Complete CV
Letter of motivation
Writing examples
Film industry experience

Link: http://www.cleocroft.com/cv/

Let me know if I can provide any additional information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
Lara Horne

Cell: 082 960 6590
Email: hornelara@gmail.com
Website: www.cleocroft.com

Thanks so much and kind regards,

Lara Horne
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  • hi Lara!

    Great idea putting your info here - but could you be a bit more specific in what you want to be hired to do? Do you want to do writing? or Marketing? When you say you have experience in gaming, is that only as a reporter? Have you made any games?
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    You looking for an internship or intermediate level stuff? I have no jobs to offer sorry :( just asking

    I think a lot of game projects could do with a writer early on in their development. Otherwise can think about game trailer work. But the only company I'd know of is [Edit] Cool your Jets Cowabunga Industries and I don't think they are hiring (worth a shout with your skill set).

    Other bigger company I can think of is SeaMonster
    disclaimer: SeaMonster knowledge is 1.5 years old so I might be out of date but they were going solid early last year

    [Edit] and hello!
  • Could you post some of your game related penmanship - we are always looking for good local creative writing on a freelance basis.
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