2016 Industry Survey Results

Hi All!

This has taken much longer than it should have, but I'm proud to announce the results of the 2016 Industry Survey!

You can find the full result report here: http://www.iesa.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/IESA-2016-Industry-Survey-Results.pdf

The key points:

 31 active game development companies in South Africa responded to the survey
 Overall these organisations have directly created 255 jobs.
 Permanent Jobs increased from 152 positions to a 176 positions a 16% growth.
 The value of these organisations is about R100 million, an 85.6% growth from last year.
 Only 14% of the industry is female (up from last year).
 Only 13% of the industry is not white (up from last year).
 Together the organisations released a total of 103 games in the 2015.


  • Thanks for putting this together!
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    Once again! Really encouraging growth!

    Could someone who is a member post this in the relevant Facebook communities please! (Like African Game Developers and South African Game Developers). I think everyone who is trying to make games in this country should know about our successes and the state we're in.
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    I was looking through the survey to try answer someone's question (who was interested in joining the South African game development industry). And I realized the report doesn't mention how many artists there are employed by the South African games industry.

    I was actually hoping to find out how many 2D art positions there are versus 3D art positions. But as the report doesn't mention how many programmers, or artists, or composers, or designers (etc) there are, I think there's a clear first step to take.

    (I thought the survey contained questions about artists, programmers etc. Is that information available anywhere?)

    Also, and I'm sure I've asked this before, does this data include companies that work in "gaming" (as in gambling). The report mentions that most of the industry's revenue comes from "Entertainment", I'm not sure if that includes "gaming" companies. (again, this information is useful to me in being able to accurately advise how many artist positions there are in the country in game development)
  • I do believe that information could be garnered from what was submitted. I imagine Nick put together the results as an overview of the highlevel information. Nick would also be the only person to have access to that information, so maybe get in touch with him via email. I'm not sure how often he checks the forums.
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  • I'm pretty sure that the IESA survey excludes any employees from the gambling industry. If I'm not mistaken the decision was made early on that IESA would not include that industry since it's already well represented.
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  • @Evan, I've got metrics for specific positions, but I didn't include them in the report. I'll share the details with you. Also we don't include any gambling companies in the survey
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