[Job]HTML5 Game development - reskin existing for top bank

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We are a design and marketing agency looking for a freelance gamer to assist with reskinning an existing HTML5 game.
We will need to use an existing game, but to change copy and branding.

The aim of the game is to teach staff about Cybercrime. We will adjust a training manual to suit an existing game, insert copy and add the clients branding.

Please email me if you can help


  • @samvis, just to be clear on what this involves, which of the following best describes what you're looking for help with:
    1) You already have/own the existing game source and assets and are looking for someone to change the assets for you to suit a new client/brand?
    2) You need to create a game (from scratch) similar to an existing one you do not own/have the source and assets for but like?
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