[WANTED] Game designer, artist and coder for educational games

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Hi peoples

We're looking for some new team members to join us on a new project. It's basically about developing either one huge or a series of small mobile games that teach people about entrepreneurship.

Here is one of our current projects to give you an idea of what we do: papadigames.com (note: this is not the project you'll be working on!)

Fast facts:
- Project kicks off at the beginning of December
- 3-month contract with possible extension or full-time appointment after that
- Need experience in whichever position you're interested (sorry guys, but this time around we can't take people straight out of varsity or college)
- We're in Somerset West and the majority of the team needs to be colocated
- We have our own development platform so we don't use Unity, GameMaker, Unreal Engine, etc.

For the artists out there: Mostly 2D art.

For the coders out there: Most NB is a solid javascript/HTML background. We also use SASS and git extensively so some background there is a plus, but we can teach it. Someone who has experience/skills with front-end tools such as gulp/lint/sass and general operations (setting up servers etc.) would be great but is not compulsory.

Pop me a mail (lize@aim.org.za) with who you are, your CV, showreel, portfolio, games you've developed, etc. and we'll take it from there!



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  • Good luck! I'm not applying but have done lots of stuff teaching me things I used to know (can privately share it if you need to know why I find it good to share) and I feel I can share it from scratch for you. Lots of different topics at stake why I can share things about. If you do want to learn more about me privately and why I am sharing this is because I can also (privately) help you test it from scratch!

    Also - thanks Karuji (I would have given that too ;) )
  • Thanks Karuji! The post previewed correctly even with the <>, but definitely good to know!
  • Thanks for the applications everyone! We have found our people. Yay!
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