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Hey everyone, I came across this posting on Bizcommunity and thought it might interest some of you:
(Edit: Found an additional position from the same company as well)

Freelance Game Designer
2D Game Illustrator

Would love to apply myself but don't feel I have much experience.


  • Hmm. Strange that MannMadeMedia is doing something with games again... They used to have a game studio in-house called MannMadeGames that built stuff like the Nandos game among a bunch of others. They shut down the studio a few years ago though.

    You should apply if you're interested - don't sabotage yourself pre-emptively! The worst that can happen is they say yes and pay you to produce design docs ;)
  • Thanks @dislekcia, maybe I should apply anyway.
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  • @Tachyon: Yes. Yes you should :)
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