3D Artist Intern

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We are a Game Development company operating from Cape Town city centre. We develop simulators and games for desktop and mobile platforms. We would like to provide an internship opportunity to junior 3d artists. To be considered please complete this online application form:


  • Hi

    I would just like to know if you need a certain skill for this internship, Like for instance Some knowledge on unity or any other form of art?
  • Hi Inferno

    Some knowledge of unity would be nice but is not a requirement. The only skill we need is 3D capabilities. 2D only skills will not be considered.
  • hy
    by junior how old do you need to be?
  • @khoso: when referring to job positions, junior/intermediate/senior usually refers to the level of industry experience, not the age of the applicant. I'm not sure what sort of experience @Egamea is looking for here, but junior usually includes someone that has just finished studying, so industry experience might be optional.
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