New CPT based Studio launched by SF Company looking for freelance animators

Hi all!

We are Twin Sister, a studio launched by Neumatic, an award winning Digital Marketing & Production Company. Founded in 2007 in San Francisco, our mission is to bring creativity and clarity to the marketing of new technology. We specialise in animated and motion graphics videos as well as virtual reality applications and experiences.

Neumatic has recently opened a South African branch in Cape Town under the name of Twin Sister. We are growing and are looking to foster fresh talent and create a world-class studio in South Africa!

We are looking for MAYA proficient animators who have a thorough understanding of modeling, rigging and dynamics.

If you are interested, get in touch, even for a meet and greet as we have international work coming in regularly, we would love to add you to our address book.

You can visit our site: (still very much under construction for content) or contact (send your reel or say hello!)

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