Looking for a mobile app developer to help venture into gaming and other projects

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Hi all, I posted a similar post a few months back, just checking if anyone if is interested or know of anyone.

We currently develop Mobile & Web Apps and want to start a gaming department.

We're a small company and fortunate to have some large clients but we're not coping with the work load, so we're looking for someone to help with development on our current projects but more importantly help us grow into the gaming industry.

We need help with development in C#, Java, SQL and Objective-c. Junior or senior level developers welcome. We would like to use Unity for our game development due to our current knowledge in C# and 3ds max.

We would prefer full time employment, but we're open to outsourcing if it works out.

We're located in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg.


  • Hi @nickp I am a java programmer and I am making games using libgdx with limited knowledge of C#.I am interested to part of your studio and work on any project that you are working on. Thanks
  • Hi Jay, thanks for reaching out, can you develop in a mobile environment other than Unity, can you develop in the Android SDK using Android Studio & Java etc?
  • I tried installing android studio but it was to big for my pc it was running slow ..so I just continued using eclipse so I am not really familiar with android studio but I can be able to adapt quickly if I have to.
  • Hi nickp,

    Hope you are doing good.

    I have read your requirement. I am associated with Red Apple (http://www.redappletech.com/) having extensive experience on Mobile Application and Mobile Games Development. We have very good experience on Unity, Cocos2dx, HTML5,Android, iOS etc.

    I will be glad if you give me a chance to appear in the selection process. Please let me know how to proceed from here. You can reach me at debashree@redappletech.com
  • Hello.

    Are you still looking for people? I just finished studying from college, Game Development, using mostly Unity and C# scripting in it, and looking for a job/internship anywhere is possible. I have worked on a few projects and have even done mobile AR & VR development in my studies.

    Ruan Stahnke
  • Hi there ,

    Please see attached cover letter

    Regards ,

    Cover Letter .doc
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