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Hi all. We looking for Unity developers with focus on UI to join the team and contribute to our mobile MMO title Invasion Day.

Studio is Cape Town and would love to here from qualified developers.

Attached are some in-game screenshots






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    Invasion Day continues to look super cool! Hope you find someone perfect for your needs.

    I'm not sure if it'd help, but some other details like duration of the project, urgency, and salary might help attract the right person. Obviously I understand if it's difficult to divulge those kinds of details.
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  • I live in Randburg but I am particularly familiar with UGUI's code base and development of custom UI components around it. Part of my new attempt to earn some funds is around expanding and releasing new UI components for the asset store, but not sure what you consider as a "Qualifying" developer.

    I like to build expanded things that enhance or add features to UGUI, (I stay away from NGUI atm due to the current instability of that framework), and I love to build easy to use custom editors for them. My real love and interest however is RTS mechanics and physics in code.

    I currently work as a Unity/C# Lecturer, but this a temporary job until I can move onto new things. Writing UI things is and should be fun, so I may be interested.

    You haven't given much (or any details) on the job itself, so I assume you are looking for someone very familiar with how the current UI/EventSystem namespaces in unity function, and thus should be able to create custom UI components and utilities to fit any and all requirements needed by a specific game?

    Maybe this is relative: http://makegamessa.com/discussion/4448/plugin-unity-procedural-color-picker-for-ugui
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