[Paid] Resident Artist @ Nyamakop

We at Nyamakop are looking for a resident artist. To primarily work on Semblance.


Check out the thread and play the current build. You would be working with guidance from Semblance's concept artist Daoyi who did all the concepting and assets for the current build.

Your immediate job would be to produce game ready assets for Semblance. Although we are constantly prototyping and have a few other projects on the back burner. We looking for someone who wants to grow with us and eventually become a permanent addition to the team. We can commit to an initial 6 month full time contract, till we release Semblance.

Who is Nyamakop?
It's @bensonance (Ben Myres) and I (Cukia Kimani). Part of the first class to graduate from the Game Design course at WITS. We've been making games collectively for over 5 years. A lot of game jams and smaller prototypes honing our skills. I won the inaugural A MAZE award for Boxer. @bensonance is the A MAZE Johannesburg program director. More about us and the game check out our press page.

Requirements, Can be varied but you need to be able to replicate the Semblance art style. You will complete an art test to prove that too. Otherwise, everything else we'll get you up to scratch with.

If you keen. PM me a link to your portfolio and we can chat about the finer details like remuneration.

"Semblance [...] has the potential to be huge. Like globally huge!" - Noelle Adams, IGN Africa

1600 x 900 - 408K
600 x 400 - 3M
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