Entry level C# programmers

Hi. We are hiring again, because the workload has increased. For those of you who are unfamiliar with our company, we are a game development company based in Cape Town city centre. We develop simulators and games for desktop and mobile platforms. We need more entry level C# programmers to help develop training simulators. We work in Unity, but experience with Unity is not required. The salary is negotiable depending on education and experience. If you are interested, please complete this online form:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSclZ8aYe63lM92ERFk2xT4z3iSit81qaJ5mR3fY2Yd9FKRHbw/viewform.
Please note that this is a full time position on site, which will require all of your focus, so no moonlighting, split interests or remote work. Our Facebook page is unfortunately not reflective of the true nature of our work, since we have non-disclosure agreements in place with our clients.


  • Can you give a reasonable indication of remuneration though?

    Do you require the employee to be onsite?

    What do you consider entry level? I have some interns who are just out of college but they do not have any work experience.
  • Hi Fengol
    Remuneration will be considered on an individual basis based on experience and skill and will range from about R6k - R10k for interns. Interns are very much welcome to apply. This is a full time position on site, which will require all of their focus, therefore regrettably no moonlighting, split interests or remote work.
  • When exactly do you tend on taking the intern/employee when they do apply?
  • Hi mjamie
    There are several positions. A coder can start immediately if a suitable candidate is found, or the standard 1 month resignation process can be followed.
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