Jumpship music - Tired but not dead

Hi all. Been a while since I've shared stuff here so I thought I'd just do that ... for fun if nothing else. Been cleaning up my soundcloud and adding new tunes so I thought I'd just drop some links here!

A mixture of 8 bit, psych house, vapourwave and something strange that I can't label. Hope you guys enjoy.

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  • Sorry if the links arent hyperlinked... had to do this on my phone cos my work blocks anything with "game" in the name ;(
  • Sweet Jesus. That's rough regarding your work!

    These tracks are pretty great. I'm a fan of your Vaporwave track, and Arsenic. I can imagine a Hotline Miami-like experience having a soundtrack a bit like this (maybe somewhere between the movie Drive and Hotline Miami, because Hotline Miami is for the most part a lot more aggressive).
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  • Haha well my current job is a lecturer of music theory among other things but the school runs like a prison meets office from hell. Tertiary education run like a business...it gets annoying sometimes but the perks of having perma access to studios and good equipment outweighs the annoyance ;). Yeah if I was doing full time game music I would be a little bit upset about that block haha. Soon hopefully!

    Thanks for giving a listen though Evan! Appreciate it. Funnily enough the Arsenic track was modeled on the Hotline Miami vibe so I'm glad that's coming across.

    Drive has a lovely soundtrack and was actually the first movie to introduce me to the "wave" side of music. My track is weirder cos of the stretched samba samples but I'm actually keen on doing some more sythnwave stuff in the near future. It's fun to make!

    The ideal game for this music would need to be slightly violent but not too violent and maybe a litter bit scary. Like a horror game with the feel of Stranger Things (if you've seen it). Scary...but also with child protagonists who aren't afraid of monsters :D
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    Yeah, I did pick up that Hotline Miami groove in Arsenic :)

    If you're experimenting with a synthwave Stranger Things sort of vibe, check out the game "Oxenfree", released a few months before Stranger Things hit the air, you can hear the soundtrack on its own here:
  • I've seen this name but never checked it out! Im gonna be all over this in an hour or so... as soon as I get these last few essays I'm marking out my hair. Thanks!
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