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New game development company Eternal inc LTD requires a developer that can maintain server, as well as add new feature(UI based) to the game, candidate will need c#, PHP and mySQL as the game was developed using those languages. Please contacts me at


  • Welcome to the industry!

    FYI, there are a couple of typos on your website you should fix:
    • "contact us relating any quarries"
    • "determined to publishing games"
    • "making allot of people happy"
    • "Eternal Inc was found in Rochdale ... but two gamer's"
    • "The company strive for perfection"
    Can you tell us more about the state of the game and the type of maintenance you require? Can you also provide the expected remuneration and where an applicant would be operating from if you guys are in the UK?
  • the website is not final yet, sorry about those, the programmer required needs to be in South Africa, and will be working with me in the office. I see now that i did not state that in the original post, but it will be in Cape Town South Africa, thats where the office is.
  • Hi guys so finally I've got the chance to join this site. Let me first introduce myself, my name is Saf and I'm the owner and founder of Eternal Inc. We are based in Rochdale, UK with the main bulk of our team based in Western Cape. Firstly an update on our game Eternal Wars, I am happy to announce the game is out on Google Playstore on beta release as of the 22nd of October 2016. We currently have around 350 active beta players, with many more joining daily as the news spreads. Going forward, we are looking to release iOS version to main production some time this week, once asset bundles and iap are in place and working. The main reason for this post is to inform people of the job opportunities that are currently open within our company. We currently have vacancies in back-end and front-end development and also are in need of a talented artist to help grow our portfolio of assets. For back-end and front-end we require someone who has skills in PHP, C# and MySQL as our game is predominantly server based. Experience with unity games engine is a huge plus as our game could use the expertise in tidying it up and making it more responsive. We use github as a means of version control, with our senior programmer based here in the UK. This guy created the game from the ground up and his know how will certainly be of value to those who will work and learn with him. As our game is ever evolving and changing we require someone who can take the game forward with regards to adding new features and streamlining our current project. The job vacancy for the artist will require them to create digital illustrations on a graphics tablet and also help create new UI assets.
    The company itself is looking at relocating to Cape Town from where we are currently, as I believe there will be more chance of us recruiting people in the future to keep expanding and growing. All in all we are in a very healthy position and would like to continue in our upwards momentum. Please feel free to leave a comment on here if you think you would suit our company or email us at with more details about yourselves and what you think you could bring to our company. I'll be actively looking at this website on a daily basis for those rough gems that are likely to appear.
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