3D character artist needed

Hi there

I am looking for a 3D character artist for a game I am designing in unreal engine 4. Must be able to rig characters so they are compatible with the unreal engine mannequin skeleton and animations. Must also be able to texture in a hand painted style. If you are interested please send me your portfolio. More information will be discussed once the job is allocated. Thanks


  • Hi Bryce. We are looking for someone that works in Unreal. We are an animation company and busy getting into the VR stuff. We also have our degree in advanced character animation. Are you able to give me your contact details so I can contact you and we can chat further. Or do you know someone that would be interested? Thanks Tracey. info@dxf3d.co.za
  • I will be interested in this job . i have recently finished my animation and visual arts studies and started building up my portfolio. Through my studies i specialised on mechanical and Character design . i have rigged characters for production quality rigs and i have used these rigs in UE4 . i also have good experience with stylized and hand painted textures (Photoshop,Sketchbook)

    Portfolio : http://t0b145.deviantart.com/
  • Hi my name is Chris Verbeek,

    I am interested in this job. I have completed my studies for a National Certificate majoring in 3D animation and Visual Effects at Oakfields College.

    The main programs that I use are : 3ds Max, Maya, Motion-builder, Blender, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Unreal Engine 4, Mudbox and Zbrush, I am also proficient in a number of others that we have used over the 3 year period.
    In addition to my major, animation, I have successfully completed courses such as : Film editing, Script Writing, Story-boarding, Marketing Communication, Media Law, Photography, Professional Ethical Development, Art History, Art Direction and Sound for film.

    Here is my portfolio :


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