The source for the project I made for my AMAZE Driving-Characters-in-PhysX Talk


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    Whoa! That looks fun to play! Does it ever get that there are three or four badguys you need to fight?

    The screenshake and the confetti are really nice. It's got an awesome feeling of weight to the blows with the slow motion and flying debri (on the enemy death).

    @dummy I'm curious as to how much time you've put into this now. Are you working full times on games?
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    Thank You very much, really appreciate your opinion @EvanGreenwood I am a solo developer and thanks to my first mobile game I could dedicate myself to learn and create new titles as a full-time work. Still learning a lot, this game will be my 3rd one. I always was interested in ragdoll physics so can't say how much fun I have in creating new characters/moves and just playing with new modifications.

    In this game the worst thing is balancing the whole idle system, but hopefully it will be enjoyable. It took me about 3-4 months to get into the actual state.

    I tried to contact You directly via messenger and discord but it is really hard to catch You anywhere. Hope You will find time to check my message, wouldn't bother You if it wasn't important. Happy New Year to all devs :-)!
  • Hey guys! Thank you @EvanGreenwood for the response! I kinda put the project down for a couple months to focus on work and family but I am back at it again thanks to your input! Thank you @dummy for the reply as well and no worries about the delay. I just have one question for you guys if that is alright.

    I am trying to implement AI as I want an enemy player to follow my character around. I baked a nav mesh and placed a NavMeshAgent on the enemy player and wrote a script to locate my character and then when they get within a certain range the enemy will start following my character around. Only problem is when I do it then the enemy player doesn't actually animate and start walking he just floats around (I added a video link to show you guys below).

    I am trying to get the enemy to actually start walking around but every time I try doing something to the code of the legs it just breaks the whole game! I've seen that for some reason I can't drag the character gameObject into the legs field on the character movement script on the enemy. I am wondering if this is why its not working. Also why i cant drag the gameObject there? Is it because the enemy player is a prefab? Any help would be amazing and thoroughly appreciated guys thank you!

    (Heres a link to a video to show you guys how i cant drag the gameObject into the legs field):
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    @dummy Grats on the release. How did you get the gun to aim at the bad guys? Animation or by adding force?
    Or the boxing idle game? Punching via animation or force again?

    Thank you
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  • Ok. So I know everybody is busy so answers is not coming thick and fast.

    Starting to understand this setup a little better.
    Managed to get some AI to follow me and the Player Punching the AI. Some left right Punches.

    Was thinking to use spring joints to grab onto objects.

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  • @dark_seth hahaha that is hilarious.
  • So for fun. AI running for me is a problem.
    Wanted to drive AI without using navmesh. Did some research on options and discovered A*. Powerful and light weight.


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  • @dark_seth That's super cool! Being followed by those dudes (with their arms flapping) is kind of creepy, and it looks like it could be used in a really fun game!

    Sorry I haven't been around much. The last two months have been chaotic.
  • Hi,

    The source for the project is no longer available for download. Please re-upload it.
  • @Shyam Oh gosh, sorry. Turns out my personal website went down. It'll take a day or two to set back up apparently :(

    btw. Would anyone who is curious about Unity Physics want to use traditional animations as follow targets?

    That's the workflow I'm moving towards. Something like what the Puppet Master plugin does but without the bulk of the Puppet Master plugin.

    But to make the most out of this method you need to be able to make animations in traditional 3D animation tools like Maya or Blender (or otherwise download Mixamo animations and use those)

    660 x 350 - 8M
  • @Shyam: I grabbed the source the other day... re-uploaded so you can grab it here: I assume @EvanGreenwood is alright with that since he shared it initially.

    @EvanGreenwood: I'd love to learn more about Unity physics / ragdolls targeting animations. Recently I wondered if it was possible to avoid doing anything with external tools and set target positions for active ragdolls directly in the Unity editor... came up with these guys: gyfcat
  • @EvanGreenwood I would love to learn how you animated those characters they remind me of human fall flat!!
    @ashashza holy crap those are some scary looking things haha. How did you get them to rotate their heads?
  • Hehe @Chajies, they creep me out too! For head rotation I'm moving a kinematic fixed joint attached to the head.

    In more detail: I rigged a model up as a ragdoll in Unity. There is also an empty GameObject which acts as the "target" for the head. Initially the ragdoll head starts out unconnected, but when you press a key ... a new object "controller" is created with a kinematic rb. A fixed joint is added between the controller and the ragdoll head. Finally the controller rotates to look at the target (and since the head is joined, it follows the controller). At this point you can just move the target around and the head will stare at it in full creepy-ness.

    Hope that helps, feel free to ask any more q's.

    After thinking about it, there seem to be 3 approaches for physics driven characters (all require ragdolls):
    1. Use "hard-coded" forces in scripts to move limbs. (The approach in the project that started this thread)
    2. Have 2 rigs, ragdoll & kinematic. Play animations on the kinematic rig and use forces/pinning to have the ragdoll target the animation. (This is what it looks like PuppetMaster is doing)
    3. Spawn kinematic fixed joints at limb points and have the animator move those. (ala shadow slave head movement)

    Each approach has pros and cons, and it's not immediately obvious to me which would be most performant.
    @EvanGreenwood are there other approaches you've come across / experimented with?
  • @EvanGreenwood please could you redo your talk on physics based models, record it and put it online? I would really love to understand how it all works
  • @Fengol Huh, looks like AMAZE never put the talk online? And it looks like I have no recording of it... Did it actually happen?

    I might have to recreate it from scratch :(
  • @EvanGreenwood, motivate yourself by saying you are more refined and have more insight than your presentation from 3 years ago!
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    @ashashza @EvanGreenwood

    The project link seem to be down, please could you re-upload?
    Big thanks in advance!
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  • @herpderp meh, that sucks. Previous file host didn't last very long.

    I've uploaded here for now:
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  • @EvanGreenwood Are you using spring joints to grap the objects? Was playing around again with the AI that I created last time and was wondering how you managed that.

    Thank you
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