Looking for Unity and/or C# internship.

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I am a 3rd year software engineering student. My course focuses on C# and the SDLC.

To complete our 4 year course in 2017 we need to complete one year of practical work in a software related company. Now usually we get placed in banks or larger corporate company, but we are allowed to look for other companies.

I am proficient in:
- C# (Love it to bits)
- Unity
- SQL Server
- Intermediate OOP principals
- Client server architectures
- PHP, HTML, JS, CSS, MySQLi etc.

I also have experience in:
- Java (Including Android development)
- Python
- C
- Oracle
- Blender
- C++

I have done C# and unity since the beginning of 2014. I don't have much experience in UE4 but I don't see myself having a problem switching to UE.

I really really enjoy making games and other 3D and 2D simulations and applications. I have been working on an online virtual store for Varsity. I don't have too much previous work to show for game development, but if you want to take a look at it I will be more then happy to share it.

Before I get placed in a bank, though I might take a crack at looking for a Job in the game development industry (which interests me a lot more) even if it is small in South Africa.

I am situated in Pretoria, prefer to work in JHB or PTA. Please note that this needs to be a paid internship. Although I am more concerned with the experience I gain rather then the money I will earn.

Please personal message me if you have any questions, looking for my CV and/or past content. Thank you for your time! :)


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