TV games to use for Afrikaans soap

I work for a television production company who is currently producing an Afrikaans soapie. We have four ‘households’ with television sets and would like to put a TV game on screen that can be shown. We are looking to discuss the possibility of getting broadcast rights for a couple of TV games to show on television, as part of the program.


  • My first thought is to point you towards Twitch or YoutubeGaming people stream games there all the time, not really sure what you are asking for though.
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  • @critic - I think it's more a case of wanting to find out who is keen to discuss the rights for having footage of their game shown on the screen while characters in the soapie are playing it... so like in any movie or TV show where the characters are playing Xbox or PS and the shot briefly cuts to show the game they're playing (quite often a made-up game, I'm guessing due to broadcast right/costs). Like this sort of scene
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    This strikes me as a wonderful opportunity to show some locally made games. The only current one on consoles (what you call TV games, @NeletK) that I can think of is BroForce. It also happens to be multiplayer and show really well in video. Perhaps give Evan Greenwood ( @EvanGreenwood ) of free lives a shout (

    Other than that, the best person to discuss something like broadcast rights with would probably be Nick Hall ( @LexAquillia ) of IESA, he's likely to be able to point you in the right direction and advise on the legalities. (
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