Help with IOS export from Gamemaker Studio

I have a requirement to publish a game for iOS phones by Mid June. I don't have a mac and after reading the requirements abut how it works, I see that I would need a mac.

I will code the game, so no programming help is needed.

What I would need is someone who has the know how to export the iOS version and has the licence and the brains to assist.
We can discuss a fair price but I was thinking between R500 and R1000 in either Rands or Peppermints, your choice.

Oh and you would have to live in Cape Town I guess. Long distance relationships make me cry.
Have a happy FRIIIIIDAY!


  • Your best bet is going to be buying the iOS export module (about R2400) and seeing if you can't rent a Mac for a day somewhere in Cape Town.

    This might be the better option anyway, because if you needed to do just one more build (which is not unreasonable in game dev :) then you are pretty much at that cost already (assuming someone asks you R1000 per build). This is pretty much what I would do if I needed a iOS build.

    Best of luck :)
  • @Pillar_Of_Autumn, do you already have an apple developer account, or are you planning on registering for one yourself? If not this will cost you another $99 worth of peppermints.
  • @Pieter and Petrc,

    Thanks, yes, I had already though of those options, I had wanted to make use of someone who already had the licence and a Mac, it's a once off proof of concept, after that I pass on the source code and be done with such things. If all else fails, I will have to buy the licence and use a Mac
  • @Pillar_Of_Autumn would this final build be for general iOS store or is it just a build and test flight deploy as a proof of concept?
  • @ Karuji - Just a build as a test flight, not final deployment. if the customer's wishes to move forward then his own dev studio would need to get the correct dev licenses and ios systems etc.
  • There are a mac vm services in the cloud. You'll need to go for one of the higher tier ones (R600ish to R1000ish a month)with root access if you want to install new programs.
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