Junior Unity Developer seeking a job in the industry!

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Hello world!

I have spent the majority of this year doing courses on Unity and C# and I am eagerly seeking a job in the industry in somewhat of a learnership or junior developer position.

So I call the community for assistance! If anyone has any advice for me it would be heartily appreciated and if anyone knows of an organization that would be able to help me with this (or you are a rep from one of these organizations) please share or drop me a mail (tiaan@infinitycore.co.za).

I am eager to learn and intuitive. I am also not yet interested in a large income from this industry, only experience and a more practical understanding.

I am based in Johannesburg but will happily relocate should an opportunity come my way.

I have attached my CV for more information regarding my qualifications.

Many thanks in advance guys!

Keep making awesome games!


  • Welcome @TiaanSmal!
    You should mention your location.
  • Hello! :)

    I imagine that if you're looking to be paid, an employer would need a bit more information from you to gauge whether you'd be an asset to the company. It'd probably help you to post some of your better game projects and what sort of things you're particularly good at.
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  • @all, @TiaanSmal contacted me through my website and I suggested he visit here and see what opportunities there were.

    So @TiaanSmal, just a heads up, maybe mention your location and availability as well as either attach your CV or make mention that if people want to get in touch with you they can ask for your CV.

    @dammit has posted some good links that will definitely help.

    Ultimately a lot of people on here are quite busy and if you can provide as much information in your first post as possible, they won't ask for much more ... some members will normally glance over the posts because they are either too busy to ask for more information or have a limited time slot to view these types of posts.

    In a nutshell, try to make your first post as complete as possible, if you need help DM myself or maybe @dammit if she doesn't mind and we can help you try to get the first post sorted.

    Good luck and I hope we can help you.
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  • @roguecode, @Elyaradine Thank you for the advice guys!

    @dammit Yes thank you, a lot of valuable resources on that page!
  • @quintond, Thank you for the advice! I have just uploaded my full CV to my post.
  • @TiaanSmal : I would perhaps first read carefully through the links I posted which detail a lot about what a CV should and shouldn't have before attaching a CV. Sadly, as @quintond pointed out, no one has much time, and 6 pages is far to many for prospective employers to wade through.
  • I agree with @dammit. You CV should fit on one page. Truthfully if you sent me your CV as it stands to my offices I wouldn't even read it.

    That being said, I really don't feel like working now so I thought I would you some feedback on your CV:

    Your name is in your CV twice, right below each other, remove one (also we don't need to know what you were formally known as)

    Typo with "CellNo", maybe just say "Contact:"

    Put your experience first, then your Education. and arrange from most recent to oldest. The first line I read was "Grade 11". Which makes me think you are still in school, or you didn't finish matric (did you finish matric?)

    Get rid of platform experience, it adds nothing. As an employer I expect my staff to be familiar with whatever platform I throw at them.

    Programming experiences can be formatted a bit.

    You can probably reduce this down to "Language" and "Proficiency" and just state beginner / medium / advanced etc. If you say beginner for everything, that's fine too. As an employer I would understand that you are just starting out, and would appreciate that you are not trying to bamboozle me.

    "Terminal" is not a programming language, Just say Bash Scripting.

    References are good, but just include 3 of the best ones to save space. You can also just add a line saying more are available on request, too.

    Hope that helps and good luck, I see no reason why this CV can't be distilled onto one page (p.s. my CV is 1 page)


  • Nice @shanemarks, if I wasn't working on my own game, I would apply at your studio considering that I dropped out to work full time on my game
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