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Hi everyone,

Been a while since I've posted on here, and I thought I'd update you all on some of the work I've been doing. I've started selling some assets on the Unity store, mostly generic UI for now but soon I will be expanding to themed content.

Will update the thread as more assets start rollling in:

Mega Cursor pack 2 (25 cursors) - $3


PBR Padlock pack with basic animations - $4.99


Mega PBR Military Prop Pack - $5


Low poly PBR Melee Weapon Pack - $4.99


Mega Crosshair Pack - $1


Mega Cursor Pack - $3


Arcade button pack - $2



  • Really nice work!
  • Thank you! Its super hard to create generic UI assets as most games are themed.
  • It definitely is, takes a lot of skill!
  • Looks great :)
    All of the best on the Asset Store.

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    Nice work, I really like the crosshairs!
    Any reason they are only 128x128?
    That works out to this big on my screen:
    which is pretty tiny.

    You may also want to download an old Unity build and submit it with that instead of 5.3.2.
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    Thanks @Dipso @roguecode

    I've kept them small because although they are important, the user is always looking at them. It doesn't take long for a user to get annoyed if a crosshair is in the way of things.

    Personally I prefer it when crosshairs aren't over complicated in design as it can feel unnecessary - take GTAIV and V for example, they use a simple dot crosshair.

    I'm busy creating a range of 256x256 crosshairs at the moment, and it is quite a challenge to not overcomplicate or allow them to take up too much screen space.
  • I agree with the intended use, but you're assuming that they would be used as crosshairs. In my case, I'm more likely to use them as HUD elements than actual crosshairs.
    But that may just be me :)
  • Fair enough - I actually had a guy wanting to use them for VR - standard size needed to be 1024x1024.

    Looks like I'll have to do a HUD pack too :)
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    Just thought I'd give an update, busy submitting a low poly melee weapon pack to the store.


    Check out some samples over on my sketchfab:

    Can also check out the demo scene in Unity (32MB):
    Demo Scene

    Full list of items:
    Katana (258 polys)
    Wooden Plank (167 polys)
    Sledgehammer Square (78 polys)
    Sledgehammer Octagonal (139 polys)
    Crowbar (136 polys)
    Police Baton (140 polys)
    Police Baton Extendable (96 polys)
    Tire Iron (138 polys)
    Screwdriver (118 polys)
    Golf Club (173 polys)
    Commando Knife (225 polys)
    Baseball Bat with Spikes (337 polys)
    Monkey Wrench (318 polys)
    Cricket Bat (110 polys)
    Fire Axe (123 polys)
    Frying Pan (279 polys)
    Machete (208 polys)
    Lead Pipe (238 polys)
    Hammer (159 polys)
    Cleaver (229 polys)
    512 x 389 - 388K
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  • My Low Poly PBR Melee Weapon pack got approved by the Unity asset store - yay!

    I have updated the first post with the link :)
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  • That's awesome bro
  • Awesome work! Would love to support your work and buy the assets ( might really use them, the weapon pack and arcade pack looks really good imo). Just waiting for the right project and funds ;)
  • Cool @duncanbellsa! congrats on making product! I've been considering making art asset packages for the store for quite some time, but not sure of the return, Are you finding the whole thing worth while?
    I need to do some further investigation into how well asset packs do on the store, well done.
  • Thanks guys!

    @Pomb - art is really tricky, hence why I have stuck to generic assets. My most profitable month has been May this year.
    I spent around 6-7 hours altogether for the 3 packs, and as of last month I have covered my time. It's a nice way to get some passive income.
    Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 4.22.53 PM.png
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  • Bumping post - price of PBR pack dropped to under $5 :)
  • Bumping post again, added in the "Mega PBR Military Prop Pack" to the list.

    Asset store link
  • Bumping post again, new asset added to the list:

    PBR Padlock pack with basic animation
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