Kinect Engineer/s / Expert/s Wanted for a Media Concept

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Hi guys,

I'm working for an amazing media company that is needs the help of software programmers on a simple concept.

We would like to make use of the Xbox Kinect facial recognition capabilities for a campaign featuring a person using simple expressions, to affect a series of LED panels between two states.

- When the person smiles, our LED panels light up green. When they are not smiling, it changes to red.

We would like to request the skills of an engineer that specialises in the Kinect for Windows SDK and can integrate with electrical engineering, as described above. Preferably in-house on a contract basis, or a company that has the preferred expertise.

If you know of what it takes, or someone that does, please let us know.


NOTE: We're based in Woodstock, Cape Town and so will the job, so let us know if you can help out.


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