Making 8 Bit Tunes - Milkytrack/Sunvox

Hi there guys. Just been messing around with programs like Milky Tracker recently and it's a lot of fun to get really legit sounding/old school 8 bit jams. I have been using Milky Tracker myself but recently been told to try Sunvox as it has more capabilities (apparently)... so I'm gonna check it out.

If anyone is keen on messing around with the programs here are some DL links:

I've only used Milkytracker so far but if anyone wants some starter tips I'm more than happy to help out, though I'm also still a noob :P

Here are some tunes I've made with Milkytracker so you can hear what sort of product you get. The first track is all milky tracker with white noise drums. Flashback Supernova has been exported from MT and I added real drums and some eqs etc.

Just thought I'd share for anyone interested in making some sweet jrpg/oldschool jams :D

Hope someone finds this useful ;)
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  • Downloaded! Looks sweet.

  • Tim, where even did you find these?

    They're pretty nifty. Also relatively simple to pick up.
  • I'm guessing it's Saili ;) I can't actually remember. I think when I
    was doing research on old consoles and how they make music then I saw that they used built in trackers (after the hardcoding music phase) and then I think I stumbled upon Milky Tracker as a modern reproduction of the old trackers. Then sun vox I came upon recently as a more advanced version.
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  • Have you tried Renoise?

    Really good music tracker. Plus you can use VST/AU plugins in the application. You can also rewire it to another DAW master
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