My final product from my masters research - Music in Indie Games

Hey guys and girls.

As some of you know I have been spending the last three years trying to complete a masters degree in music composition. I have finally handed in and though it's possible I might get some minor notes in two months or so, I thought I would share my final, submitted product with you guys, to hear your thought or just for your interest.

I am aware there are a lot of visual and audio examples I have not uploaded yet along with the pieces from my compositional portfolio. I am going to have to do it while I'm work with a decent upload speed because it's about 28gbs of data. I can hopefully try and sort that out soon!

Anyway, here it is, hope some of you enjoy without all the relevant examples for now. IN INDIE VIDEO GAMES - TIM HARBOUR.pdf?dl=0
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  • Congrats on finishing!

    Is the 28GB's of data required to understand/read this, or is there a smaller subset that goes with the thesis and that 28 number is just the total of all source files?
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  • That's just the Audiovisual examples, sheet music and .wav/,mp3s for my composition portfolio, which I talk about in Chapter 5 of the thesis. Not 28gbs of source material needed to understand, just supplement :P
  • Would you please post your Thesis summary?
  • The thesis summary is the abstract found on one of the very first pages of the document. It a whole page long so quite lengthy I feel, so possibly a bit TLDR to post in this thread.

    The download size is pretty tiny so maybe check it out there or I can send you the abstract in a separate document if that's an issue.
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