Volunteers Wanted to Demo Games (Paid)

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Hey all, I got this email from Daniel who runs Wizards Books and Games



The Pixelated Gaming Xperience Expo is scheduled to be held at the CTICC from Friday 7 December to Sunday 9 December and Wizards Books and Games are looking for volunteers to demo board- and card games. Wizards will supply the board games and volunteers will be paid.

The expo opens at 10am on all three days and closes at 8pm on Friday and Saturday, and 4pm on Sunday.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are keen.

You can contact Daniel at: dansmuts at mweb dot co dot za


  • So can we count on this being somewhat legit or is there still some serious scrutiny to be had? I need to send this guy an email telling him I'm not going to present there... He hasn't even given me any booth details to prepare yet.
  • @jackshiels, I'm still sceptical, just because a board game store is going doesn't make it legit. If I were a Dev I still wouldn't be going. I am gonna go but just as a spectator. If it is cool we can go next year. I'll report back
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