Looking for Unity Developer for Short Term project

Hi All

Im currently looking for a Unity Developer/Coder for a mobile project.
If you are trustworthy, capable and interested let me know.

Kind Regards


  • Could you provide more details about the project/position please? If everyone contacting you is going to ask the same questions anyway, it'll save time to simply post about the scope, budget, skills required and timeline here :)
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  • Hi dislekcia

    Unfortunately my client has asked that i don't do it this way, they would not want that information regarding the project posted on a public forum.

    What i can divulge is that it is Android/IOS/Windows deployment, timeframe is approximately 6 months excluding QA, testing etc. i am looking for someone who can develop in Unity and Code, art, audio, animation and assets will be provided. Genre is a educational general knowledge game.

    I also like to screen applicants, and will divulge project information to suitable applicants.

  • If you intend to get any responses you will need to tell people what they are applying for. Would you apply for a project if you did not know what the project entailed? Is it something illegal, or why can't you post it on a public forum?

    PS. Out of interest sake, how are you planning to screen people for trustworthiness?

  • Denzil said:
    Is it something illegal, or why can't you post it on a public forum?
    I can understand the rationale behind that. Let's say EA approached a company to do some contract work. The company didn't have enough resources so they need to go find an external freelancer. It would be reasonable that EA wouldn't want people to see that indirectly they build a game with random people from the internet.
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  • Hi Denzil

    Thank you for your interest my post,

    As previously posted:

    The Genre is a General knowledge educational Game. I am looking for applications for Unity Developers/Coders. Deployment is mobile on IOS/Android/Windows. That is the project and that is what you would be applying for. Im not sure what else you would need to know until you are selected and the relevant legal/confidentiality/I.P. documentation is signed.

    I am unsure how this could be interpreted as illegal?

    As roguecode stated above (Thank you), indeed i do not have the resources available for the contract hence i am utilizing the South African Association of Game Makers (Make Games SA) to source reliable and interested Unity Developers/Coders for the project.

    I would intend on meeting applicants in person and previewing previous work done and involvement on those respective projects. Contactable references are always a bonus.

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  • "General knowledge educational game" sounds interesting.

    It sounds like you're specifically looking for a single developer as opposed to a company. Is that a concious decision? There are pros and cons for both, and both can be the best for different scenarios, so I'm just curious why you seem to be aiming for an independent dev. Will the dev be joining a team or will they be the only one working on the project? I think some potential applicants would love the opportunity to tackle a project by themselves, while other would be more interested in joining a team and learning from others.

    One other question: is the project short-term in terms of the amount of work or the deadline? In other words, would you be interested in hiring someone part time? I think there are a couple good developers that might be interested in some part time work, but obviously that might not work if the deadline is soon.
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  • Hi Francois

    At this stage I'm looking for any interested parties. I will than decide which route is most feasible for the project. I am part of the team that will be on the build.

    The final polished product will be deliverable by November, i am hoping for a prototype (Beta) far sooner so client can assess and advise changes, as well as the Game Dev team being afforded the opportunity to conduct testing and QA and implement bug fixes etc.

    The amount of work is hard to say, for an experienced senior coding fanatic it may take far quicker than mid level & junior's. This will be discussed once the suitable applicants/company are found.

    I hope this answers your questions.

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  • @Thor Sorry, it was a bad joke :)
  • very much interested. and i think i have enough skills and experience to make it shine. would like to be a part of this project. if required work portfolio would be sent.
  • Hi All

    This project is currently on the go and we are almost complete with Phase 1 of development.
    Thank you to all the interested parties who applied.

    Moderators please can you close this thread.

    Thanks Again
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