Games Tester (Quality Assurance)

Fuzzy Logic is looking for a Games Tester (QA) to join our high performance team working on cutting edge augmented reality and gaming products.

We’re currently working on a major project with an international toy and game publisher and the QA person needs to be incredibly focused on fine detail, able to communicate effectively and organized enough to manage multiple bug lists. The ideal candidate will have an interest in gaming, programming and technology and be the type of person that can find problems in even the most perfect games.

We will favour applicants who have experience or at least demonstrable interest in quality assurance techniques.

Salary is dependent on skill set and experience.

Some Fuzzy Logic highlights include:
• “Augmented Reality Developer of 2013” in the European AR Awards.
• Our self-­published game, Soccer Moves, reached #1 in 52 countries with 2.5 million downloads.
• We developed a range of mobile games, including Skylanders, MacGyver, Secrets & Treasure and many more.

Professional Skills
• Attention to detail is a must
• Focused and determined to independently find problems in our products
• Excellent in both verbal and written communication
• Professional time and task management
• Team player
Bonus Skills
• Unity 3D development
• Understanding of Agile development practices
• Exposure to iOS & Android mobile technologies
• Able to use Hansoft bug tracking
George, Western Cape
Situated in designer offices, we live and work near the beach, along the Garden Route, in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa

Send your CV to to join the team!


  • I'm actually really excited to see this kind of position advertised. I don't know that any other studio with a dedicated QA position and it speaks of serious industry growth/maturity to my mind :D
  • This might be a really stupid question, but what is a "high performance team"? Does that mean you guys make things fast?
  • Hi , I'm very interested in the position. I'm young and artist, so I pay attention to detail , I play everything from mobile to console games
  • roguecode said:
    This might be a really stupid question, but what is a "high performance team"? Does that mean you guys make things fast?
    We're very focussed on iterative development and very often create features maybe 4-5 times, review, refine, user test and then implement again. This is unique for many people and we need hard working staff, eager to embrace our processes, aimed at continuous improvements.
  • Hi Jason
    Has this position been filled yet?

  • It has, sorry.
  • Hi,

    We have a team of highly skilled QA Professionals with work experience range 4years to 10years.

    Let me know if this requirement is still open.

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