Game audio instructors needed (part - time)

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Are you a composer/sound designer in pta or jhb, with experience in the world of creating content for games. Then this is the perfect opportunity for you to make some money on the side, whilst empowering the youngers of our country.

So I am currently looking for people interested in taking up part time roles as instructors in a game audio school. This will most likely begin sometime between january-March 2016. Wages are not set yet and will most likely only come to light within the next month. I am just putting out feelers for now to see if there are interested parties. The position will most likely require about 4 hours of your time a week.

I am specifically looking for people who have some sort of experience in game audio design. With a good understanding of parameter driven audio, and middleware in this case - Wwise.

Please PM for more information or send your CV and portfolio to

Look forward to hearing from all of you :)

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  • Just an update to this... I have extended my scope with the school to CPT and DBN. So if you are in those areas feel free to get in touch.

    All equipment, facilities and course material will be provided to you. I just need hands on instructors as I can't be in multiple locations at once :)
  • Let me know when you get to PE... I'll either join the class or teach the class by that time!
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  • Man I would dig to be involved with this but from next year Feb i'm starting full time lecturing at City Varsity.... maybe I can try fit this in somewhere though... ;/ just not sure yet
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  • @McCoySoundD haha will do man. I don't think PE is on the cards though. The school I am partnering with serves only the 4 locations listed above. However if they expand into PE I will most likely follow.

    @Tim_Harbour ahhh man. I would love to have you on board. It's pretty small at the moment. The launch is only going to happen next year around April/May. So please let me know. It should take about 2 hours of your time a week. With some ad hoc practical hours. You will have scheduling freedom though.
  • I'm interested in signing up for the Cape Town branch... can you share any further details?
  • Pitty I am late for this, I have 9 years lecturing experience on tertiary level (NQF4 to NQF6), I am certified in Logic, Pro Tools, Nuendo. I am a certified trainer for Apple, I play numerous instruments and completing a masters degree in sound design. I would love to get involved in training for game sound design.
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