[Event] Cape Town community meet up - 28-11-2012

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When: Wednesday the 28th of November, 2012. Starts at 18:30, ends at 21:00 (although socialising afterward is encouraged)!

Where: Microsoft offices, Engen building 2nd floor, Golf Park, Mowbray.

What's happening?


Please! Suggest things. All talks and demos are welcome and appreciated!!

(@Dislekcia, if you know more about snacks and talks and things plz edit this message)


- Nick Hall (@LexAquillia) talks about talking to government and going places.

- Duncan Greenwood shows an interest in explosions.

- Filip Orekhov WILL talk about the art he's done at Tasty Poison.

- Pomb is demoing the Khumba game that's in production at Trigger Fish!

More demos etc welcome!


  • Any news on last month's video(s)?
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  • Yeah man what's going on with all the videos? It's like they all have a tendency of evaporating...
  • @tuism: try reading threads when there are responses about something. The uploads are busy right now.
  • @edg3 huh not sure what you're talking about, where has there been word that they're uploading? Not this thread?
  • @tuism see attached photo from the other meet thread?

    The way you talk about the videos is like nobody does anything.
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    I believe @edg3 is referring to the videos of the JHB meetup while @Tuism is referring to the videos of the Cape Town meetup, which (as far as I know) are being handled by @Jwho303, and he hasn't said anything recently.
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    I was simply commenting on the similarity in the fact that videos seem to not appear after they're taken, whether CT or JHB. Whether anyone does anything about it wasn't what was being inferenced, if I was going for that I'd say "nobody seems to do anything about the videos ever", which was not what I said.

    But ok I do apologise if anyone else is tired of hearing about the videos not being up. If I'm the only person who wants to see the videos up, I'll keep quiet.
  • @Tuism @D3zmodos
    Hey guys, I havnt forgotten about the CT video. Things are just a little bit hectic because of exams at the moment as well as the film festivals.
    Im going to ahead and say we'll have a video up by Friday/Saturday.
    Normally it wont take so long to get the videos out (This extreme business happens twice a year :) ).
    Who is running the MakeGamesSA youtube/vimeo channel?
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    Heya! Thanks for making the effort @jwho303, it's ok if life is happening, I personally would just like to get some kinda update, so that's great, thanks :)

    @edg3 runs the makegamessa channel but apparently there's been some issues with the channel being not "authenticated" yet or something so it wouldn't take vid... If we can figure out how that works we can upload there, otherwise playlist wizardry can also be used to group it under the channel, I think, until that can be solved. @edg3 is sorting that out I believe.
  • Isn't the workaround for the authentication problem to just post videos in 14 minute chunks? I'm pretty sure that's how you get authenticated eventually anyway, keep posting stuff.
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    another event. awesome. Im in.
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  • Cool, I'm there
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  • Not in town for this one. Looking forward to the videos though.
  • OMG! Squidcor is alive! And has long hair!
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  • OK! videos from the last one is done, will do an upload tomorrow. Its an hour long :P
    any word on the youtube account? or should I just use my own?
  • @jwho303 i will give you the details tomorrow at around 9am, is that fine?
  • Evan tells me that I'm going to be showing some explosions to you guys. I can totally do that, if we need people to talk about stuff. I probably won't be talking too much about how I make the explosions, because that's boring. It'll just end up being a pretty animated slideshow of some kind.
  • Hey guys, just an update with last months video
    Heres the link
    Please check it in 1009 minutes, the talk is an hour long so its still going to take a while to upload.
    The sound is not great but I have organized a mic for the next meet up so we should have pretty decent sound.

    It would also be great if we could get some screen recording software for game demos, does anyone know of a good free app to use? so in future if you are going to show a game just have the software preinstalled.

    Thanks Guys
  • Hey, it embeds, thats cool ^^^
    there is some hyperlinking in the description if you want to skip to any talk in particular
  • Ive added it to the videos list sticky as well, thanks for the upload (and please record the upcoming one too if you can!)
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    Thanks Jwho303 !! Eagerly waiting for 1009 minutes (smiley face).

    Frapps isn't free, but it's soooo good. I've got a license, I'd even consider buying a second so we can capture good video (unless there is a decent free alternative).
  • Yay! its uploaded.
    Ill do some more work on the titles next time, really want it to look slick.
  • @Jwho303 http://atomisystems.com/activepresenter/ = Decent Alternative!
    Pretty easy to use software, has a built in edit system that auto loads at the end of a screen recording session and no watermarks!
    @BlackShips Free lives are bossing it up!!! Death Smashers looks like fun!
  • Awww... Game Maker Wizard got edited out :(
  • On topic, I can talk about

    a) Getting the Gov to pay for you to go to IndieCade/GDC/Confrence of your choice



    What do people want to hear?
  • I wanna be paid to go to IndieCade/GDC! Please! (And I suspect just declaring my interest here is not going to achieve that, so I expect I need more information).
  • Yes yes yes, more trips! I vote for @LexAquillia to cover his A topic so hard.
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  • Anyone who entered Competition B interested in demoing their game? (It's a great opportunity for feedback and last minute strokes of genius).
  • I'm always interested when the goverment is mentioned. I too vote for topic A
  • If there's space for demos I've been given permission to show the Khumba game I'm working on. Would be awesome to get some critique.
  • I think I can make this - we don't have a properly prepared build right now, but maybe we can show off RED next month :) Unless you guys want to see the animated trailer for it...?
  • @Pomb: Sweet! Demos are always good :)
  • Might be a teensy bit late for this one - is it OK if I creep in during the session ;) ?
  • @jackshiels of course! Be warned there may be no more pizza for you though ;)
  • I think I'll be at this one and might bring some friends and my brother
  • :D sending out a flare to crowd source a ride from Obs to Microsoft Centre. Got camera gear again (+mic).
    Thanks in advance!
  • I can lift again @Jwho303. Same place as last time ?
  • @LexAquillia Dude, Amazing!
    Yeah same place, thanks again.
  • I forgot to organise a lift this time around, so I'm hoping for a helpful detour to Vredehoek after things and stuff happen. :P Should've asked earlier, but I appear to have been on a forum holiday this past week or so.
  • Welcome back to the forums! Your prize: Free Helpful Detour!
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  • Looks like I may be late or not make it at all
  • So it seems that @Ramperkash and I are planning on coming through from Stellenbosch this evening. Is anyone else coming from this area and keen on sharing lifts? Please let me know soon. Also, can someone please help with where the venue is? I have a GPS I can use, but I cannot find the place on Google Maps and I don't know the area.
  • @francoisvn: It's really easy to find. If you're coming in towards Cape Town on the N2, take the Raapenberg rd offramp and head right (over the highway) turn right at the first set of traffic lights and head down the hill and through the booms into the Golf Park business area thing. The Engen building is the first building on the left, Microsoft is on the second floor :)
  • @dislekcia: Thank you, that was helpful.
  • great event tonight you guys.
    Awesome talks, great demos, fast food and interesting chats.
    I had to leave in a rush, public transport and all. So many amazing things on display tonight.
    My minds kind of 'integer' wrapping all the info.
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