Something Something Highschool Battle

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Despite the idea being pre-empted by @Dislekcia I'm going to give a redacted JRPG game a shot for the "Concentrate" challenge.

I've never made anything turn-based before, I'm not certain what problems this will cause (I'll probably end up making it real time or otherwise making something so incomprehensible its legacy will forever haunt me).

The concept is to take the combat part of a JRPG, your team being on one side and the other team being on the opposite side, with the goal to use the available commands to defeat the enemy. There will be things like leveling up and gaining party members, which will open up new possibilities that may enable the defeat of tougher enemies, but it will all take place on one screen.


Unfortunately to make the choices meaningful there have to be a fair number of choices. The challenge will be in keeping these choices as low as possible and as meaningful as possible (I imagine). But this still may put the concept out of the range of the "refine a single mechanic and arrive at something like the way Canabalt did" sweetspot for this challenge. Nevertheless I'm going to have some fun with this I think (possibly largely in the recording of "HIYAAH!" sounds).


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    My god. Is flesh of the bottom right character splitting open to reveal his true tentacle form?!
    Also, the repeated characters in the line up look like they lend themselves well to a violent form of match three :)
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    Holy fucking shit. Match 3 JRPG combat...


    -edit- Match 3 townspeople and you talk to them, moving you forward on exposition, possibly powerup effects. Match 3 shopkeepers and you get equipment score. Match 3 enemies and you fight them, depleting items (because HP is a function of items, like resurrect potions) and increasing XP. Wait for townspeople to become infected tentacle monsters to increase the fighting chance, etc... (sorry, idea worm, I expect the tentacles to show any minute now)
  • I think you should make match 3 jrpg danny :D CLAIM IT! IT. WILL. BE. AMAZE BALLS. Maybe there can be little fighting in the match 3 like battle chess :P
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    this ALREADY looks cool :P Are you looking to do turn-based or real time... or a mix of both with something like ATB gauge? :)

    Lots to explore!

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    This game did something interesting with Match 3 I feel (smiley face)
  • I loved it and inspired my first prototype, but that didn't get very far cos I ran out of XP points. Will get back to it when I've leveled up more :)
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