[Prototype] Yet to be named 1 vs 1 space game

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So I decided to just try out game maker today (I've used it like 8 years ago for a while). And this is the result.

This is basically a 2 player space combat game. This is a very early prototype. So far only sample graphics and no sound,
but I think the concept is there. So congrats to me for making me first 3 hour prototype.

Version 0.0.5
Further control/mechanic updates (and an extra sound, nothing major)

Alien ship's spawn swarmlings ability is now a toggle ability. So to recap the controls:
Double tap ability button (shift) to change from spawn swarmlings, to command them to attack. Double tap to switch back. Hold button on an ability to active. What this means, is that you hold shift to active the toggle for swarmling spawning. This will cause swarmlings to start spawning without you needing to hold the button further. You can then switch back to the other ability, and this toggle will remain active. I think it probably sounds more complicated then it is, but it will definitely help if I put in active ability indicators.

Next on my to do list is some code refactorings, as I've done most of my logic with Game Maker logic blocks, and it's getting impossible to manage. So I'd appreciate any feedback to determine if this is worth continuing. After this, I'll add the active ability indicators, more ships maybe and more abilities and weapons. Maybe try out some new mechanics too.

Hit me hard with your worst criticisms please!!

Ok so here is Version 0.0.4
New controls have been implemented to counter the keyboarding ghosting shits

Player 1 controls (alien):
w/a/s/d - movement
Shift - ability button (starts with spawn swarmlings)
Double tap to change to command-swarmling-to-attack. Double tap to switch back. Hold button to use.

Player 2 controls (human):
Arrows - movement
Enter - ability button (starts with fire laser)
Same concept as above. Double tap switches to shield. You can now keep holding to immediately activate shield, or release, and then press and hold later to activate shield (note that shield has a cooldown period)

My own criticisms: It's harder to react quickly to a situation, but a fun mechanic nevertheless I think. Also, at the moment there are no "active ability" indicators so it may get confusing.

I'm not sure how balanced it is, since I have no-one to play with :'S

Let me know if I should maybe consider adding more to this or should I give up now? :P Was fun to make anyway. Although I would like some more
sounds and better graphics... and more weapons? Maybe more ships? .... hmmmmm

Ok thanks :D



  • I like the idea of a 1v1 or possibly 2v2 (one keyboard wouldn't work :P ) spaceship game.
    I have to note that (also playing by myself) as the left ship you can essentially dodge all the attacks by holding only up or holding down, whereas the right ship can't really dodge anything, only delay when the swarm reaches it.

    Fix it and then invite me over so we can play, Denzil :P
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    @TiaanN Well if you can delay long enough they die before reaching you. Or they used to in the old version. I don't think this is possible in the new version. But that's why you have a shield.

    I need someone to play test this with. And a keyboard that allows sufficient keypress combos. I think by dodging up and down as the alien ship you will actually not be able to lose (since it has healing as well now)
  • Yeah, exactly the same keyboard issue here, unfortunately :P These concepts are always fun in theory, but tricky to playtest properly.
  • Couldn't you brainstorm ways to have a combat mechanic that doesn't require multiple keypresses at the same time? Warioware does this with its multiplayer games really well, their tank game is genius: Hold key to go forward, let go of key to turn right, tap to fire.

    Also, Glitch Tank:
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    @dislekcia I probably could yeah. Just didn't think it would be a problem before it was too late. But I will try and find a workaround. Will have time to do so tomorrow.

    I'm thinking of forcing the player to be stationary before he can fire. That will take care of several problems. And then maybe have an auto-fire toggle.

    Ahh, a mechanic finally came to mind. I will implement it as soon as I have time. I will give each player one trigger ability button, which he can spam as much as he wants. Then I'll have a second button with which to cycle through abilities. That way, you won't each player will never need to hold more than 3 buttons. I have more ideas to make it easier to quickly jump to an ability too. It would be useful though if I can manage a second shooting button as well, though if this won't work... well then it just won't work :)
  • Why not spawn abilities around the map for each player, so I could try to "defend" an ability that I know you want, but that means I probably can't go get that neat ability that I could kill you with...
  • @dislekcia Just done this before you posted this. And I shouldn't have worked on this tonight, because I have my final project presentation tomorrow (OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE?? D: )

    So I updated it to a one-button tap mechanism, which may be fun to experiment with. Your new idea sounds pretty neat too though. If I decide to go against something like that, I think I'll still add something similar as a like mini-feature, or another game mode. Worth a try though :) thanks
  • I've updated to v0.0.5. Looking forward to more criticisms so I can know whether to continue this.
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