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Hi Guys,

I've been meaning to post this for a while, Make Games has been offered the very exciting opportunity to host a co-working space for devs in Cape Town city center.

Some details:

Office Location: 27 Caledon Street, City Bowl
Number of Desks: 6

The space has Fibre Internet and access to parking across the way. We can move in from August.

The cost per desk is R1750 Pm

If you would be interested in joining this space please email me (admin@makegamessa.com) or DM here



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    Excellent opportunity for game devs to work together. I remember when I worked for Friends of Design, they had a freelancers area that they used to rent out to other creatives, but since they also offer game design courses now, it may be appropriate for us Makegames people. It's also an ideal area to get in contact with potential interns for your game business needs.
  • This sounds great. Glad to hear things are finally coming together!

    It sounds like it's only desks available in a fairly open working space (I think I know the place). Is there any chance of small to medium offices? Also, are there other facilities like board rooms and such? I'm guessing not, but I figure I'd just ask in case.

    If I'm right about the place, and this is the same place KAT-O are based, people should consider going to one of the Modern Alchemist meetups they regularly host there (Wednesday evenings) to see how awesome the place is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ModernAlchemistsZA/
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  • So there is a shared boardroom, but no delineated offices, it's very much open plan. Yes its the same place as KAT-O
  • This sounds really great!
  • I'm somewhat interested in this myself, however it would be an odd usage case of about 2 Fridays per month only. hah

    Anyone want to timeshare a desk? ;)
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    Just got this image from the co-working space:

  • @LexAquillia looks like you're trying to link to an image attached to an an email.

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    So I imagine I'm one of the people this is aimed at ;) And in theory I am without a desk and theoretically will need one in the near future, but right now there are so many variables that I can't even vaguely commit to anything beyond preliminary interest at the moment. And likely I won't know how any of those variables turn until at least Oct (launch of Cadence on Early Access an all) ;)
  • Can... Can we come and upload builds from there?
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    That's super tempting...
  • dislekcia said:
    Can... Can we come and upload builds from there?
    Totally! Just for the fibre and occasional upload it's worth it, in my opinion. I have this odd setup of Dropbox -> Remote Server only syncing builds folder -> wait a few days -> remote login -> "upload build US to US"
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    Seriously though, could MGSA help with build uploads with this space?

    A community wide problem that might just be easier to meet with this.
  • @damousey @dislekcia I don't see why not. If Make Games had the funds I'd definitely take a few desks for communal use
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  • Hi guys, if you are curious to see the space for yourselves, we will be having cupcakes and beer there tomorrow from 3pm. You are welcome to come by to 27 Caledon Str, 1st Floor, Cape Town 8001. We may even throw down some Bro Force for good measure.
  • Hi Nick,

    I like to move around as I mostly work from home, but it's good to have flexible options, I think adding a daily rate, like a drop in, would be good - but I think to make sure you don't get random people dropping in, make it a drop in rate, but with a sub minimum of, for example, 2-4 days a month. That way you get people to commit and don't encourage it as a random coworking space and that'll help foster the community.

    Just my thoughts :)

    In reality I work from at least 10 different locations every month.

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  • Hi Guys,

    So Curiosity Campus is still holding the desks for us, but we've got only 1 taker. Make Games will probably take a single desk for now and use it as a "Hot-desk" for people who are interested.

    To get use of the desk you'll need to pay a monthly fee in advance on a per day basis with a minimum amount that you must take. I'm thinking R200 per day, and minimum of 3 days per month. Depending on the responses I can then look at getting MGSA to rent more spaces. Would people be interested in something like this?
  • I just got home from checking Curiosity Campus out with @Nandrew. We were both really stoked on the space, it's atmosphere and the culture they're looking to develop with it.

    This is a really great opportunity. If anyone is considering getting a space here, and needs some extra encouragement: CHECK IT OUT!
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  • Okay this post is coming from the co working space, so there is at least MGSA member in the building. Would be cool to get some more game devs in the house! ;)
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