Make Games South Africa Emergency Bursary 2015

Hi Guys,

As some of you will remember early last year we raised nearly R25,000 for two under-privileged students at Wits to complete their first year studying Game Design.

I've been approached by Hanli from Wits to see if we can do it again. The student this time is a very promising Korean student who has has his funding for this semester pulled. We would need to raise R17,000 to cover all of his fees for this semester. He has funding secured for next year, so this is only a stop gap measure.

I am personally pledging R2000 to this cause so we actually only need to raise R15000

If you'd be interested in helping please EFT your contribution to:

Name: Make Games South Africa
Acc: 62382993246
Type: Business Account (Cheque will do)
Branch: 250655
Bank: FNB

Please put bursary as your reference and email your proof of payment to !

Unfortunately due to the late notice of his funding being pulled we only have two weeks to raise the funds.

Feel free to donate any amount, no contribution is too small, I'm sure we'll be able to make this happen :)



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