Toward the Light up on Steam Greenlight concepts (in the name of Halloween)

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Steam concepts seems to be a good fit for Toward the light right now. Survival-Horror-esque game. Not far along enough in development to warrant a $100 greenlight submission. Cheap and easy way to set up forums to engage with all the people who liked it and want more. Will post updates on the traffic logs on my site to quantify for the rest of us just how worthwhile steam concepts actually is.

Hoping I don't get pwn'd by steam for having vids with profanity. But think reaction vids are definitely the way forward, paranormal activity style. Also probably need a better intro vid than the one there.

Plan on carpet bombing all the youtube vids with a link to the page, blog post, twitter, etc etc. Surely not enough to warrant a press release though...


  • Oh hey, yeah, this may actually be a decent niche to go with, let us know how it pans out and what your impressions are of the service -- assuming you'll repost the stuff on your site here? :)
  • Commented and rated :)
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  • So far biggest oddity is the inability to post a link. I get they want to avoid the spam bot armada, but makes the whole point of curating a community a bit moot if you can't even post links to playable demos. Also makes getting your own metrics tricky to say the least.

    @Nandrew not sure what content from my site you're referring to? But I do need to consolidate all my stuffs in to a consistent web presence...
  • Rated and commented too :) Looking forward to more info on how GL Concepts works :)
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  • Ah, hang, I think it was me misreading this bit: "Will post updates on the traffic logs on my site to quantify for the rest of us just how worthwhile steam concepts actually is."
  • @Nandrew aha! should say "post traffic logs from my site" ;) of course will post here, once I've actually figured out the best way to track it
  • And thanks to everyone who went through and rated! Now just time to tell the rest of the internet about it!
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    Aaaargh it gives me the heebie jeebies! Rated!

    ...annd posted as Ben. Fail :P

    Edit: Oh, I see it changes your name when you change it in your nicknames list. Phew :)
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  • Very interestingly, just saw this on the greenlight section:

    It's a Slenderman game by (as far as I can tell) by a completely different team to the ones who made the current slender game most people have heard of. Think its fair to say the success of this entry (#11 on greenlight) has been forged by the freeware slender demo by parsec productions...wonder if that's a new marketing strategy - wait for someone else to make a totally awesome demo based on the same popular culture meme/character and do all the hard work of making people hungry for your game ;)
  • Wait, what? I thought all the hooha about slenderman was at least the same team... Erg.

    So where is this slenderman thing actually from? Or is this a seriously shitty case of people cloning based solely on demo success?
  • That game has already become TOP 10 on the App Store, despite it being utterly shit and selling for a dollar. It's such a shame that some random Joe cashes in and totally ruins the legacy of the original Slenderman - the Lost Pages.

    The Slenderman was originally some urban myth, then this guy made a game, it was free prototype type thing and went viral. Then this guy cashed in.

    Know your Meme link:
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