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Hi Guys,

We've been invited to have a stand to show off local games at the up coming EGE Expo later this month (

Things have been a bit touch and go on whether we would be able to attend (mainly due to sponsorship), so apologies for the very short notice.

As it stands I've managed to negotiate us a stand that is 27m^2 right near the entrance of the Expo (see the floorplan here: ; we are C5, C6 and C8)

We've been given the floor space essentially for free, but we need to pay for things like the shell scheme, powerpoints, carpeting etc etc.

I'd like to have some of the space dedicated to Make Games (i.e. what we the organisation is about). The remaining space will be used to show off your games :)

So far Broforce has confirmed they will come, as has Desktop Dungeons (they have both contributed to cover our costs).

What we still need:

6 other local games that would like to be showcased (If you are going to show case your game, you need to be present to man your stand as well, given we are short some cash if you'd be willing to contribute to the outstanding amount that would be great. JHB guys if you can get down in time awesome :) )
Volunteers to help run the stand.
Mobile Joust Station + controllers + speakers.

I'd also like to use this as an opportunity to dry-run some ideas for rAge this year, so if all the people present can commit to half-day meeting/workshop thing the week before the Expo that would be great :)

Any questions or if you'd like to showcase/help you can dm me or post on here



So responses haven't been overwhelming, which means we got space for everyone!
So confirmed attendees are:

FreeLives - Broforce, Mergazords
QCF - Desktop Dungeons
GameLancer - Goobie Labs
Made with Monster Love - Cadence
Clockwork Acorn - ?
Punk Arcade - Zx
Vietnam 65

I'll be emailing you individually with the stand layout along with what you will need to bring.

We are still R15000 short, so if you feel like contributing in making this happen please let me know!


  • Would love to go,
    sent you a DM.
  • Joust? Is it happening?
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  • YUS! Joust, it must happen, preferably a mobile joust station!
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  • Oh end of May, I can be there for that, probably.

    Problem with a mobile Joust station is that we need some nice loud speakers for the game which means that we we're going to need to make a stand with a 12v battery and a something to grab power from it for the speakers. I doubt a laptop will have enough power for speakers loud enough for an expo.
  • I would get down there for the show if there is space available to showcase Vietnam'65. But I would need at least two PC's and screens. Can this be arranged ?
  • Turns out you can rent ;)

    So if there is any place left I would be interested
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  • @JohanNagel great I've got you down as interested :)
  • Spoke to the organiser of the event, so far they only have 28 exhibitors and not many of the big anchors ?
  • I can help out with manning the stand on the Saturday
  • How big is the space for Broforce?

    What I'm wondering is if we could set up any other games there. Possibly Merger Zerds, or Trip the Light Fantastic (which being an Occulus game does blow a few minds). Although Broforce works pretty well on a show floor, I'm not sure that we'd need to demo anything else... just wondering.
  • Well so far we've only got 3 other games looking to we have space
  • I'm curious as to what to expect from the expo. It looks like Sony Playstation intend setting something up, but no presence from Nintendo or XBox. I seems like not a lot of games are going to be on display.

    Though there are the "eSports" events, which I'd hope would be entertaining as well as bring in a few people.
  • Oh, how are we going to get passes for stand-humans? QCF is going to need at least 6 so that we can do non-crazymaking shifts.
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  • I'm curious as to what to expect from the expo. It looks like Sony Playstation intend setting something up, but no presence from Nintendo or XBox. I seems like not a lot of games are going to be on display.
    Local distributor Apex Interactive also not going to be there.
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    I can bring my Studio Monitors + Soundcard. They can be loud =)
    And I can possibly take a shift as well
  • On the sound front, I could also lend a smallish PA system if required.
  • Hi all,

    So we've recieved some responses, thanks to those who have show interest and have volunteered.

    Given the time issues, you will have till this Wednesday to let me know if you want your game to be at the booth or not. After that I'll look at who has expressed interest and then decide the line-up from there (though by the looks of it, everyone who has expressed interest will be able to show).

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  • Been scaled down quite a bit ....
    EGE 2015 April 29.pdf
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  • I'd like to show Rogue Raid, but my colleague is away this month and funds are getting tight. So I think we should probably hold off until rAge, by which time the game will hopefully be out on Android, iOS, WP8, Windows Store and on Steam Greenlight.
  • I have contacted the organiser again (Martin) and told him I would take a stand at no cost if he needs to fill an empty stand, awaiting reply. If there is still an empty slot available on the MGSA stand I will take it,
  • Any update on what's happening with EGE?
  • Emails going out now
  • Alright, thanks to the Clockwork Acorn dudes for putting up R2k towards EGE (even though they aren't showing anything). We need to make the full payment tomorrow, so it looks like I'll have to cover the remaining R13k from my personal funds. If anyone still wants to help please DM or mail me.
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  • We could donate R1000 (even though not attending), but probably not until Thursday-ish.
  • @Rusty Thanks, that'll be fine :)
    Thanks to Rodain who has contributed R3k as well :) We're down to R9k to cover anyone else?
  • I've paid some as well for Gamelancer's Gloobies Lab.
  • Thanks to @boysano we're down to only R6k short!
  • @LexAquilla Could you message me the details of a table under which I can pass the wad?
  • @LexAquilla How are we doing with sound? @MCA offered a small PA and I can offer to bring my monitors/a portable bluetooth that still needed?
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    So Free Lives has a bit of a problem, we're nearing launch, and we really don't have staff to man our booth the entire time.

    Is there anyone who, in exchange for money, would be able to help? Or know of someone who would be willing to help?

    We're hoping to display Merger Zerds on one computer (which was quite a hit at Super Friendship Arcade) and Broforce on another.

    We're trying to have someone from Free Lives there during the entire conference, but even that is stretching us thin. Ideally we'd like for our stands to be manned by people who love our games and want to promote us, but, if a person is willing to be physically there, we're willing to compromise for a person that hates our games and seeks to sabotage all our future plans (in exchange for money).
  • ...hates our games and seeks to sabotage all our future plans (in exchange for money).
    And here I am stuck in JHB.
    Typical, just typical...
  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky I'll help out however I can. I can't say that I'll 'man' the booth, but I'll certainly do my best juggling attempt between the Bro booth and my table. On that end: thankfully they're right fucking next to each other.
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    Asbestos said:
    ...hates our games and seeks to sabotage all our future plans (in exchange for money).
    And here I am stuck in JHB.
    Typical, just typical...
    Don't worry! The members of Free Lives who can make it there will be playing an active roles in said sabotage. The event's not going to just pass without calamitous harm coming to the company! We've got you covered!

  • If there is still need for volunteers, I could probably make some time to help out.
  • @creative630 I don't know how the rest of the Make Games Stand stands, but we could certainly use some help. (The money offer still stands if it makes a difference).
  • I can help out as well Evan. Do you have a shift-sheet?
  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky Sure I could do that, @Mexicanopiumdog and I could tag team! Do we get to handle any pyrotechnics? :P
  • @Mexicanopiumdog and @creative630 AWESOME!

    We've got to make sure you've got exhibitor's passes. Could you PM me with contact telephone numbers, names, probably ID numbers... I've got to get them to @LexAquillia today, unless @LexAquillia already has these details.

    We do have a shift sheet... though I don't have it myself (and shift sheet barer is not in the office right now).
  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky Cool, I sent you an email with my details.
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    We will help out as much as we can since Gloobies Lab is easier to manage, but we just need to keep eye on our mobile devices since we can't lock them to table. Also all 3 of us will be there 24/7 so we not going to have much rest, but we any case plan to play test all your games and point out all the bugs in it ha ha.

    If anyone has a super HD android tablet we can use to demo on, it will be appreciated?! if anyone needs to arrange with us.
  • EGE turned out to be surprisingly awesome. Saturday appeared to have maximum capacity crowds.

    It was a small convention. There wasn't a lot of stuff to see. But certainly some attendees had a rad time at the Make Games stand.

    All in all. It seemed like a solid proof of concept. It far surpassed my expectations and I'm glad we could be involved.

    Also, thank you to all the volunteers and helpers at Make Games SA!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks @LexAquillia for going out on such a limb to organise this! I'll fully admit I had severe doubts about the merits of EGE beforehand, but in the end it was awesome and proved really valuable for us.

    Starting to realise the value of expos isn't exposure, it's getting to practice your marketing pitch hundreds of times with ultra rapid iteration. That and watching people play your game for three days is a really intense playtest bootcamp!

    Also well done to the Gloobies stand. The had a win a plushy competition, and now have a mailing list of over 200 odd people. That's a pretty great win!
  • Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to the stand, the volunteers and the devs who showed their games! I think EGE can be labelled a success. It looks as though the final numbers where close to 11k after all three days which is great to a first time showing.

    It looks as though EGE will definitely be happening again next year, so I hope we will be attending again :)

  • It really was a great expo and Gamelancer really enjoyed your company! This was our first ever expo and we could not have done it without this community's support.

    Yes we got an email list of 245 emails (and a few installs also), now I have to go through them and see how many are readable and type it into excel. Then we will ask Nick to do an independent selection for the winners. Thanks Nick for keeping our Gloobies safe as well!!

    Probably the best thing was the exposure, and 2nd best the feedback we got from our customers on the game. Thank you so much for all whom played our game, and we tried to play all yours. Now we know what to improve in the next iteration as well as what we did well.

    Looking forward to more of these with you in future!

  • Big thanks to @LexAquillia for making the MGSA stand happen and thanks to the EGE organisers for putting the show together. I really enjoyed how much friendlier the space felt than having to squat between hugely expensive stands that are blaring louder than you can ever talk. I'm going to advise that future EGEs have a noise limit per stand, I didn't realise how much difference that makes. Also, so much better having an expo in your home town! We had actual shifts instead of just being on the go all day.

    DD itself is out of the feedback phase, but it felt good watching the tutorials do their job and we didn't really feel like we had empty demo stations for very long at all. The new thing we were trying was selling keys directly at our stand: How do you introduce that, when are people likely to buy, etc. We ended up selling 31 copies throughout the expo, with quite a few people coming back after drawing money to get the game at a reduced price (compared to Steam). Lots of people assumed we could accept cards, which I guess means they think we're professional :P Snapscan hadn't occurred to us before the show, but could easily be worthwhile thing to look into if you're looking to sell a bunch of stuff. @damousey wins the everything for being great at getting people to look at the game and just obviously being super hyped all weekend.

    I also had a lot of fun introducing people to the other games in the stand (and blowing their minds when I told them every game here was from a different South African games studio). Lots of advertising MGSA, telling people about the forum or how they could make their own stuff, people sounding really excited about the meetups, etc.

    Looking forward to the next one! Although I have to admit that I'm glad it'll only be next year ;)
  • A very special thanks to Nick for all the effort that went into organizing the MGSA stand. Everything went as smooth as silk. Even though we were standing for 10 hours at a time, the days past in a flash! It was so much fun and I know next year will be even better.

    This community of game developers are really some of the nicest people I've ever met, and I hope that I can make the same meaningful contribution to the community in the coming year.
  • I agree with the above posts. Thanks all for a great event. Definitely exceeded my expectations!
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