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Phase 2 of upgrades to the site has kicked off now that the forums are looking fabulous and is pretty stable.

Phase 2 is the introduction and merging of Vanilla forums and Wordpress. We're using Wordpress for our static (read permanent article) pages, and eventually a blog. The reason we're using Wordpress is because there are good plugins for integrating the two; and the formatting of articles is a lot neater in Wordpress than Wikimedia.

What I need now is a couple of volunteers to trawl the forums for specific information (such as the list of out sourcing companies, registering in the US and setting up, Greenlighting and running a Kickstarter) and write up the articles.

I also want your thoughts on collaborating with Dev.Mag to allow users from this site to search and access the great articles there. My initial thoughts are to update the Search function to also search Dev.Mag (since we use Google Search API it should be possible).
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  • Yay :)

    While we have a lot of great posts lying about they could use some editing to bring them more into line with what you would expect from an article on something like Dev.Mag. And yes that totally counts as me volunteering to help out with this kind of thing ;)
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  • Can I just mention that, while it's great to have a resource section and we should totally have it, I think it's prudent to prioritise a non-confusion front page first, if effort is being spent?

    I bet we still have a consistent stream of newcomers who land with no context and see MGSA as a forum and not much more.
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  • @Tuism I believe that @Fengol and @Nitrogen have mentioned before that WordPress would be used to create the landing page, and this is part of what they are planning for that system once it is up and running.
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  • Yup, the landing page will be a Wordpress page with recent forum posts, articles, news, event links, etc.
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    I bet we still have a consistent stream of newcomers who land with no context and see MGSA as a forum and not much more.
    Yup. As part of my MGSA Spamwatch initiative, I have a look through the new users each day to see if any spambots are getting through the honeypot I put on the registration page. I'd say we're getting around 1-2 new (real) people every day at the moment (And no spambots yet yay!)
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