[Job] Local film company looking for devs to help with porting a DS game.

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Got an email today asking if I could recommend any local devs that would be able to help out with a project that's currently underway. As is natural,<b> </b>I asked the following questions:<br><i><br>"<b>Just a couple of quick questions that could help narrow down the search:<br></b><br>1. Are you looking for someone to handle a complete port of a DS game on their own or do you have an existing team?<br>2. Do you have access to the DS source code and a dev-kit?<br>
3. What platform are you porting the game to and do you have an existing language/system/environment in mind?<br>4. What sort of budget and time-frame constraints are you under?<br>5. How on earth did you get the license to port a DS game? (personal curiosity here, that's pretty cool)"</i><br><br><b>And got the following in reply:</b><br><br>"Hi Danny,<div><br></div><div>We are 6 weeks into the project, we have a
lead developer and an existing team. We are looking for people to help
the lead developer as it's a very tight schedule. We prefer people who
have experience in Unity and can work stuff out. The game will be
released on Steam for PC and Mac.</div>

<div><br></div><div>The budget is tight because we are mid project, but
we can offer a very small token fee, a credit in the game and the
opportunity to work on future games if the developers work out.</div><div><br></div>

<div>We are working with a company in the States who own the IP for this and many other console games.</div><div><br></div><div>Regards,</div><div><br></div><div>Rochi"</div><br>Contact Rochi at memeticfilms.com if you're interested. Note that I'm a little worried about the "token fee" thing, as it doesn't seem to be a salaried position and not everyone can afford that. If someone does go for this, let us know what your feedback is :)<br>


  • Sounds similar to a phone call that Luma Animation got about 4-odd months back about doing a DS port for a really small amount on a pretty tight schedule. It sounded like a death march for experienced DS developers let alone a junior or intermediate team. After going to the doctor to have him surgically lower my left eyebrow, I promptly told them that we weren't interested in a project like this.<div><br></div><div>So yeah, if it is the same one, just be careful what you're getting yourself into! I would *ONLY* consider doing it for the experience and resume points, and even then it may not be worth it if the project doesn't stand a chance of actually shipping.</div><div><br></div><div>Good luck to them though! Would be great to hear of a ZA company finishing a project like this!</div>
  • "We are looking for people to help the lead developer as it's a very tight schedule. We prefer people who <br>have experience in Unity and can work stuff out."<br><br>"but we can offer a very small token fee"<br><br>Um, seriously? <span class="st">ಠ_ಠ That's like saying I want a pricey sports car and I'm willing to pay for a bicycle. <br></span>
  • This is why we need open responses to job posts like this one - we need to up the understanding of what it takes to make a game and what the skills that go with that are worth.<br>
  • In the spirit of openness. I have done a some internships and contract work.<div><br></div><div>If the internship is unpaid then: I expect to be paid in experience. This is a simple exchange, in the process the intern can grow, even contribute to the project(s) in a matter deserving recognition.</div><div><br></div><div>If the internship is paid then: I expect to gain experience, but that fact that I am being paid means that I have some worthwhile experience or knowledge that warrants monetary reward, by the same notion I should receive recognition for the project.</div><div><br></div><div>If I am a contractor then: I can perform the tasks in a timely and efficient manner.</div><div><br></div><div><hr><br></div><div>As far as I can tell the work expectation is that of a contractor, but the reward is that of a paid intern — although without the certainty of gaining knowledge.</div>
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