[Mini-Game]Memory Master

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Hello, :)

I had myself a mini jam tonight. The result is the mini game you can find here:

Memory Master

I know the people found here is not the real target market for this game, but I feel kind of proud of it so I want to show off. Also, it's more of a toy than a game.

But I hope that someone can have some fun with it. And as always...any and all feedback is welcome.
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    Score: 5162 yay (on easy though...)

    Simple, but fun :) You probably won't make millions though :D You will manage to make me fail my final year project though

    Now I can't nearly get my first score. I think I have saturated my brain with the first memorization. I like the extreme difficulty's rotation!

    On second thought, it would be possible to monetize something like this if you expanded it somehow. If you could add more creative puzzles like you did with the rotation on extreme (don't think I've seen something like that yet), it could possible get you some money as a mobile app.
  • Heh very cool proto :) Allow keyboard arrow controls! :D

    And... make it play songs :)

    It's fun :) That's what's needed for a game :)
  • @Tuism the keyboard arrow controls would work if not for the extreme difficulty. Go have a look at it :)
  • Huh? I did have a look at it.... Wait, extreme... OH :P

    Hmmmmm interesting dilemma :P You could map it to different keys every 90 degrees rotation... lol hahahah :P
  • @Tuism haha, that would certainly result in a brain explosion!
  • tuism said:
    Allow keyboard arrow controls!
    Denzil said:
    keyboard arrow controls would work if not for the extreme difficulty.
    Aaaaand Done! :)

  • Score: 21261 (Hard). Although I got this crazy pattern: yellow, blue, green, 3xred, 7xblue... and then some other stuff. But that first bit was easy to remember :P

    And yeah, liking the new keyboard stuff, it just makes it hard on extreme to judge which keys to press near the moment the keys switch.
  • You can always tide yourself over with the mouse... or maybe the orientation never changes, and you must rotate your keyboard to match :)
  • Hey guys, glad you are enjoying it :) and thanks for playing.

    @Denzil, I saw that it's hard to judge which key to press when they are near the "switching zone". I'm not sure what to do about it though. The only thing I can think of is basically having the arrows that you need to press on the orbs in some fashion so you can see what to press.
  • It's a bit annoying to wait for the ready text between each turn, I would personally just remove it.. but then maybe I'm just too impatient :D
  • @Tachyon, I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave that in. But in the end I left it because it served the purpose of having time to look at your score and look at the time you have for the next round. But I'll tweak the delay when I get home tonight so you don't have to wait so long. :)
  • Good lord extreme is hard...

    What about breaking the background up into segments, which change colour to show which colour is "on" them currently?
  • D3zmodos said:
    Good lord extreme is hard...
    It warms my heart to hear you say that. :)

    The background is actually not a bad idea. I'll experiment some tonight maybe and see what I can do with it.
  • I got just over 1200 on hard, and that was on attempt 9999999999999999999999. My memory is super bad, but your game is real fun not to mention addictive!

    The delay before the next round starts will be much better as a countdown, right now its noying to try and juge it just tight. But thats just a minor thing.
  • Hmmmmmm, the countdown would probably be better :)....nice one. I'll put it in tonight.
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