Making of CoD:MW3 (art and vfx)

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<p>I'm not a fan of Call of Duty, but I found it really interesting how these artists worked on stuff. Many of the things they said were pretty obvious, but there were a few things that didn't fit what I expected. Some (paraphrased) quotes in the first presentation (I've only seen the first one so far):</p><p><em>"We don't paint textures at all. We use 100% photos."</em></p><p><em>"We don't make a high-poly. It takes too much time. We use a library of normal map parts that are composited together, and paint stuff."<br></em></p><p><em>"We spend ~3 weeks making a weapon; ~4-6 weeks on a vehicle."<br></em></p><p><em>"In the beginning, we had to ask companies for permission to put their weapons in the game. Now, companies come and ask us to include their weapons instead."<br></em></p><p>Part 1:<br>Part 2:<br>Part 3:<br></p>
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