A: Jade

Why Jade? Simply put, fanart niggle. I loved this game and one day I will find a work in me that does that feeling justice.

At the moment I'm just rushing in all dabby brush to get something down, I want to move more towards a fighty stance, trying to capture her iconic low centre of gravity+ high waist/short torso body structure.
At this point I don't she'll get feet/shoes, the Triangle has a stronger visual effect, in fact I may take it smaller to justify that choice.I feel that that would be the sort of design decision thst would have stood if this game was made with these restraints.
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  • Wow you're on the ball! :)

    So it's not so much you can't have feet in, you DON'T want feet in, right? For me feetlessness Smply looks... Wrong, like it's been chopped off. Maybe that can be fixed by the terminal angle of the pants against the floor, so there's a flatter end bit, otherwise it has an amputee stump feel :p or I'd even say give it a pixel or two just for the feet? Your idea of making it lower res definitely is a good one too.

    So then minor things, fluffy edges, a tad too dark. Cool start! :D
  • It's cool that you thinking of strong design first. The triangle is indeed a might strong shape!
    My thoughts on strength with regards to pose is that the chest curving inward combined with the bent knees give the feeling that she's highly agile and sneaky, maybe like a ninja!, where a pose with the chest out and straight legs would feel more "strong", if that's what you going for, still keeping the overall triangle /\ of course either way looking forward to seeing the next iteration of this, your work is awesome.
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    solid edge pixels, better proportions for the lack of detail in the medium
    will need to add weapons and accesories etc

    still see a lot wrong with it, but needed to post in any case
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  • Looks fantastic! Woohoo! Do lighten her up a bit, otherwise too awesome :)
  • will do, my habitual dark to light technique lets me down sometimes :P
  • image
    please rip it apart now :)
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  • So many subtle colour pixels! :D
    I think on that note, I like the previous eyes better, but I could be wrong :) Maybe you do need a few more "defining" pixels and not try to shade everything.

    In some parts, the darker outline gets broken, and I'm not sure if they are meant to be lightened bits or if they're just... missing. But it's really really minor :P

    Otherwise I've run out of rippappart spritz :) It's really cool! :)
  • Speechless its so good.
  • With her right hand. The pixel on the furthest left and second from the top is too blended with the stick.

    I'm with Tuism that the previous eyes looked better. The dark green pixel next to the pupil is disconcerting.

    And the top half of her top is a bit too bright (it really stands out against everything)

  • I really love the brightness of the top, it slams home just how GREEN Jade's design actually is. Wouldn't change the top for anything anymore.

    Also, the pants are win :)
  • Oh by top I mean tshirt >.>
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