[Ludum Dare] Star-crossed lovers

Star-crossed lovers by @Benjets, Jason Sutherland and myself.

Welcome to Star-crossed lovers, the universally famous interstellar dating show!

Our host Joey asks the player some questions. From there, a trio of celestial babes are introduced. As they respond to questions, you will be able to select your favorite answers. Based on that, you can choose which planet you would like to date.

Once chosen, you need to track down your chosen partner.
After the quick trip across The Universe, it is smooching time!

WSAD or ARROWS - navigation
Enter/Return button - selection

This was built in 72hrs by a three-man gang, comprised of programmer Ryan Mazzolini, artist Ben Rausch and sound-design Jason Sutherland.

The three of us really enjoyed spending the past three days making this weird little pixelated baby. We hope you'll have a good time taking her out for a spin! Happy smooching!

High fives from Team Perfect Match!
Play through multiple times to see different answers and different outcomes!
Let us know what you think!


  • Nice show, the game reset on me while flying through the galaxy though.
  • Haha, that was such a cool take on the theme! I managed to make 11 baby planets :)
  • @critic its time based, so if you don't make it too her you loose. I might make it reset so you have to re-find her instead

    Well done @Riocide, thats really high!
  • edited

    11 Babies?!? You must be good at smooching @Riocide - that's the best score I've heard so far!

    @critic - sounds like you ran out of time. You took too long, now your candy's gone. That's what happened. Pakow!



    Personally, I had a ton of fun working with out team on this weird little game. I'm also pretty proud of what we pulled together within the time-frame. We cut it pretty close to the wire, submitting in the game in the final hour, so there are also a bunch of things we could fix or improve on:

    Mostly I think the game needs more clear direction to the player. Big bold titles would also work well with the game show setting.

    There were also some key moments where we could have made it feel like a bigger event. Choosing your date or reaching them in space should have been like: WOO! YAY! SPARKLE! FIREWORKS! As it is, these moments are pretty underwhelming.


    I was really happy with the art I made for this (especially the large, kissing version of the planets) but I'd have loved to work in more animation. Seeing the surfaces of the planets revolving beneath their face would have looked great. Animating the space mist would have been cool too! I can just imagine the title screen looking awesome with some motion in it and the eclipsed planets would have been great if they were brought to life as well.


    I think Jason slayed it with the music and sound effects. He probably could have done with a bit more time to polish things, but guess that will always be the story with game jam creations.


    If we had to get into it, there are probably a ton of little changes and fixes we could think of now, but as I said, I'm really happy with how this came out. If anything I think it's unique, fun take on the theme that people seem to appreciate. I know @Creative630 and I had some good laughs making this thing; hope it'll cause a similar reaction for the rest of you!

  • I have a soft spot for weird dating sims and I think you guys just raised the bar. OMG.
  • Haha, thanks @Nandrew - it's awesome to hear that!
  • This was a lot of fun, nice one guys!
    Thanked by 2creative630 BenJets
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