[Sound challenge] Competition #6 - Unseen!


  • @francoisvn I get the same error message as creative630 mentions above when I run though Terminal:

    Invalid Wave Format!
    Error opening sound data
    Sound.hx:96: Error: Could not load "sounds/taser.wav"
  • I seem to only have 2 sound assets in the project when I open it, nothing else (no scenes etc), is there something dumb I'm not doing?
  • @UncleBob: you might be looking in the wrong folder. Look in "unseen/sounds" not "unseen/assets/sounds" :)

    @MCA: Could you try with the sample sound I uploaded? The sound clip you uploaded appears to be "RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio", vs "RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, Microsoft PCM, 16 bit, mono 44100 Hz". I think that's the issue, PCM seems to be the codec needed.

    Hopefully the OGG support will be less difficult to get working when we add that (hopefully tomorrow).
  • Isn't there a game to load up in Unity?

    (All the sounds are in the folder......maybe I should read the whole thread)
  • @UncleBob: The game isn't coded in Unity, we use Haxe. There should be an executable you can run (Unseen.exe for Windows). You just need to replace the sound assets with your own and run the binary, no coding required :)
  • I see it now, it all makes sense.
    @francoisvn The sound clip you provided worked! Renamed it step.wav and whenever I ran away from guards it triggered.

    Will try a few things and see if I can get things sorted my end. Thanks!

    UPDATE 19/08: @Mexicanopiumdog @francoisvn: Got my sounds to work by importing them into Audacity and exporting again. I think my DAW's default is to export as broadcast WAV, adding an info chunk making the WAV file unidentifiable by some applications it seems.
  • The windows and linux links have been updated and now use the list system @francoisvn mentioned earlier.
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    Mac build has also been updated. To edit the sound open the package contents and navigate to 'Contents/Resources/sounds/' (not 'Contents/Resources/assets/sounds\, those are use by the libraries we use, ignore them).

    You can add your own sounds to the various categories by editing the appropriate spot in lists.xml, it's pretty straight forward.

    Let us know how this is working.
  • @Riocide All works perfectly! Is it possible to make different states for music at this stage? For example, "music-normal", "music-danger" and "music-fight".

    I take it the 1.0 value is audio level? 1.0 being max and 0.0 off?
  • @MCA: Correct, 1.0 is max volume and 0.0 is basically off.

    We're working on adding more music lists soon. Also looking at some more sfx for collisions, UI and ambient noises. Other than those listed above and already in the game, is there anything else anyone would like to see added?
  • Could you decrease the degree of attenuation of sound over distance for thrown objects?

    Assuming it's not just me - my audio clips for the Distractor and Flashbang items are pretty loud, but I can barely hear them if I throw them far and even if I drop one on myself it's still relatively quiet.

    Random ideas besides sounds - blow dart/gun with silencer as a separate power up, ability to slow time, laser beam booby traps, an optical suit to avoid laser beams… alternatively, using smoke bombs to detect lasers?
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  • @MCA woah woah lol we getting very gadgety now! :D
  • turned up croissant.wav to 1.0 today...LOL
  • I finally understand the list now...im keen for some more triggers guys!
  • We've updated the Windows, Mac and Linux builds.

    Windows: https://app.box.com/s/h8xltfzir5pgv8kvi688
    Mac: https://app.box.com/s/ec85moajvmnysjgzopdz
    Linux: https://app.box.com/s/gtzcjgnj67m51a0ayxa3

    Quick Start Guide:
    • Everything you need to work with is in the "sounds/" folder (Note: this is not the "assets/sounds/" folder).
    • Open "sounds/lists.xml" in a text editor and add/edit sound files for any triggers you like.
    • Have fun :)
    • F12 - enable cheat mode in-game (indicated in the top left).
    • R - restart the current scene (useful for looking for a specific upgrade).
    • U - instantly complete the current level (get upgrades quickly).
    • V - show vision of everything.
    • B - toggle blueprints.
    • T - show debug physics models.
    • Y - spawn an enemy
    @MCA: I've tweaked the attenuation of sounds a bit. Let me know if you think it can be improved more.

    Interesting gameplay suggestions, I especially like the idea of smoke bombs showing where lasers are. We have some other gameplay things we're working on now, but I've added your ideas to our list.

    @Mexicanopiumdog: Any ideas for more triggers?
    @francoisvn The degree of attenuation is better, but I think just a bit more (louder)?

    RE: Music - if you're being attacked, the 'normal' music and 'tense' music and 'danger' all play at the same time. Can you define the parameters of each theme such that only one type can trigger, and/or have it so one theme ends before another triggers or themes crossfade?

    You can Blink outside of the game arena! Any plans for hidden rooms? You'd need blue prints perhaps to see them?
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  • @MCA: I finally had a chance to check out what was wrong with the music, sorry for the delay. The problem is that it can switch very quickly between music lists, and it then starts crossfading from the start of a track, so you get weird effects.

    I think a better way to do the music might be: play all of the music lists at the same time, with all but one of them muted. When a change in music is triggered, then one of the lists can be faded in, while the others fade out. I'll try that out with some longer test tracks and see what works. It's Ludum Dare this weekend, but I'll see if I can squeeze some time in.

    Was there a specific sound that you think needs to be louder? Remember that sounds are also a crucial gameplay element in Unseen, so it can be difficult to adjust the attenuation without impacting gameplay too much.

    No definite plans for hidden rooms yet, but blink will definitely need to be fixed in a future update :)
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  • @francoisvn: No rush, hopefully my nagging is useful 8-/. At the moment I've disabled the 'tense' music so only 'normal' and 'danger' play which works fine for the music I've made. I think, try to avoid all the music play at once, unmuting them selectively, as it'll add a burden to the system(?) - I've noticed some sounds, for me at least, don't always trigger if there's too much going on (will check which formats are most efficient for each task).

    I've changed my mind a little about the loudness, after playing it through my macbook speakers - it's seems OK in the current version. I was confused by the attenuation of sound over distance you've applied, not expecting real-world physics in a prototype!? I dunno… no one else seems to have issues, maybe it's all in my head. Will go lie down for a bit...
  • @MCA You sure are keeping us on our toes with this one :)
  • Hey guys, I think it might be cool to have an alternating footstep sound ie. step 1+step 2...I think thats probably one of the more important things in the game because footsteps are the most apparent sound...Is that possible? Just noticing that having one step sound looped doesnt really sound that lekker...
  • @MCA: I've made an update that improves the music system. There are now only two music lists (normal and danger), but they should cross fade properly. The performance doesn't seem to be impacted at all. Note: the builds haven't been updated yet, but they should be updated soon :)

    @Mexicanopiumdog: Have you tried adding multiple step sounds to the list? This will select one of the listed sounds at random. Or do you specifically think the sounds need to alternate? Example:

    <list name="step">
      <audio file="sounds/step1.wav" />
      <audio file="sounds/step2.wav" />
  • @Mexicanopiumdog Like @francoisvn said, with the lists you can have multiple sound samples that trigger randomly, and it sounds pretty good - I think making sounds alternate might be as repetitive as just having a single sound loop, whereas the random element makes for more diversity and greater realism.
  • Linux and Windows builds have been updated!

    We're gonna show off what we've done on the game at the Cape Town meetup (tomorrow), so if anyone wants to show off their sounds and music as well, send em over.
  • Ah cool, didnt grasp that function :D Sweet
  • Mac build has also been updated to reflect the music changes @francoisvn described.
  • @Ramperkash: here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/intgfonlh03j136/Unseen - Adam Linder SFX.zip?dl=0

    It's with the current Mac build, I assume you can just copy/paste the assets from one build to another?
  • @MCA: Thanks, your sounds are pretty cool. We'll bring them along this evening.
    MCA said:
    It's with the current Mac build, I assume you can just copy/paste the assets from one build to another?
    Yip, we can just copy-paste the sounds into another build.

  • @francoisvn
    Much better update now with the music system...!
    However, Im running into a problem, where the tense music isnt switching off when im far away and safe from danger...Does it work according to how far away from the guard you have to be before switching back? Maybe just make it trigger after u have been in the shade for a certain while (5seconds) and also implement this in the guards behaviour?
  • @Mexicanopiumdog: Currently it switches from "music-danger" to "music-normal" after all the guards go back to their "idle" state, which effectively boils down to a timer. We're working to improve the guard's AI behaviour, but it'll be a a while before we put an update with the new AI out.
  • @MCA I like the futuristic door opening sounds...feels like you are on a spaceship somewhere...Good job!
  • @Mexicanopiumdog Thanks! Yeah, I inadvertently ended up leaning towards a Star Wars theme set of sounds but stopped short of trying to rework the Darth Vader music. Not satisfied with some of the sounds/their balance, but might have time to rework them before the 8th…
  • Hey guys,
    So I finally managed to upload my sounds thanks to @francoisvn and the oh-so user-friendly dropbox system...
    To explain a bit about my version: I went slightly more alternative and decided to make the guards turn into rabid pig-men that are out to kill you. This is also reflected in the music that I wrote...overall everything has had an enormous influence from "Amnesia: Machine for Pigs" infused with elements of Call of Duty.
    Many thanks to the developers, I had a great experience!
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  • Here's my submission:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/intgfonlh03j136/Unseen - Adam Linder SFX.zip?dl=0

    By way of summary - Started off just making sounds, then had a crisis: Should it be a spy snooping around, or an elf in a goblin castle, or a ghostbuster in a haunted house, or a creepy funhouse of blood-crazed clowns, or ,or… then realised my guards sounded like Stormtroopers so went with a Star Wars SFX theme.

  • @Mexicanopiumdog I really like the flash bang, especially the 'tinnitus' whine, and the smoke bomb - both very satisfying sounds!
  • MCA said:

    By way of summary - Started off just making sounds, then had a crisis: Should it be a spy snooping around, or an elf in a goblin castle, or a ghostbuster in a haunted house, or a creepy funhouse of blood-crazed clowns, or ,or… then realised my guards sounded like Stormtroopers so went with a Star Wars SFX theme.
    hahaha...but its so cool how much freedom there is in creating different Universes with just the sound!

    Thanks...yeah I timed them both which really helps to predict when too start running again...!

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    Good job @Mexicanopiumdog and @MCA!

    The time limit for the competition has expired, but we only have two entries so far. I think we can hold off on any voting to see if more people would like to join still :)

    Edit: Your entries really are spectacular! Dang!
  • My submission: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l3ed598e9591tys/Unseen - Nikolai Athiros.zip?dl=0

    So much fun doing this, all made from scratch on a synth module. Game is awesome!
  • @Nikolai had a lot of fun playing the game with your SFX, felt like a weird '80's cop movie!
  • @Nikolai That was rad! I made the music a little louder in the xml, but overall I really liked it. I thought it had quite a spacey/mass effect feel to it.
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  • Kiff! Thanks mazz :)
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  • Really cool, I dig. :)
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