[Job] Game Writer for Broforce (and another urgent, but smaller and similarly themed project)

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Free Lives has been working on Broforce for nearly 2 years now and we still have virtually no narrative in the game. We don't want a lot of narrative in the game, but we want a little more than is currently in the game and we want it to be of the highest quality possible.

After attending the Andrew Walsh workshop I have a far better idea of where a writer can help us on this project. Broforce is a very gameplay focused game in a genre of gameplay focused games, but nevertheless the task of giving context to the gameplay, and immersing the player in the world, is an important one. And one that we might not be the best equipped to execute.


Some worldbuilding. Taking the ideas in the game and building a cohesive world around that.
Supporting and reinforcing the existing theme in Broforce.
Planning an overarching narrative, and keeping it within our story-telling and production-time limitations.
Writing barks (triggered dialogue) and (a relatively small amount of) cutscene dialogue.
Co-designing interactive cutscenes (if they're necessary).
Making things more funny.


A good sense of humour.
A fiery passion for classic action movies and a passing interest in Broforce.
Writing skills and professional writing experience.
The ability to work within the quasi-mystical, ever changing, and seldom foreseen constraints of game development.
Spatial proximity to Kenilworth Cape Town (during work hours).

Bonus Requirements:

Really strong writing skills.
An encyclopedic knowledge of classic action movies.
A fiery passion for classic run 'n gun games.
Experience in game writing.
Familiarity with Andrew Walsh and/or his teachings.

We'd want to pay on a per day basis at an industry standard rate for games writing (at the experience level of the candidate). The amount of work really depends on the amount of writing the project requires, and we can't estimate that ourselves.

Aside from Broforce we have another (smaller) action movie project that needs some writing asap.

This is somewhat of an experiment for us. We haven't any experience working with a writer before. We are going to be very fussy about the selection of the candidate. We'd rather risk going without a writer than involving someone who can't demonstrate that they'd do the job better.


  • My brain is exploding with bro puns right now.
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  • another (smaller) action movie project
    Hmmmm :) I see FL has found THE niceh :)
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    My brain is exploding with bro puns right now.
    It's not ALL about bro-puns!
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  • Perhaps check in with @WriterYolanda who posted in the Welcome thread, is a full time writer and attended that workshop
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    It wasn't in the original post. But I realize that working with a writer is going to be far easier if they're on site for most of their work hours. It doesn't efficiently solve our problem if I end up having to write numerous lengthy and carefully worded emails in order to employ a writer.
  • Maybe it would be a good idea to get the candidate to submit a sample of writing for BroForce (a cutscene and some barks, perhaps)?
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    Hey, did you get sorted? It is now almost 2 months down the line from your post and I'm curious how it turned out for you ;)
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