Moby - riDickulous

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Explosive Friends ' Ludum Dare game Moby - riDickulous

Please download from the following link


Thanks for your input.


  • This was great fun to see at the last JHB meetup.

    You guys planning to take it further?
  • Well I don't know, we want to but time is a issue at the moment. But during the holidays I want to draw a trident harpoon that splits in three, a few more Easter eggs, Jaws, a kraken and maybe some more enemies
  • Have you put your game up on indie db or desura yet?
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    @CapeFury I really enjoyed that. The cool retro graphics and music is ace! From that arrogant bearded dude on the main menu, the lazer shooting sharks and my personal fav, the masked starfish! Those are deadly, I know. The art style is very cool too. I laughed out loud at the upturned boat when you die and the sad tone of the song. Didn't get far enough yet to see that big white fish... but I am sharpening the harpoons laddies! That was very inspiring, thanks man ;)
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