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I realized tonight that I actually miss working on this game, so I strapped on a pair and sat down to add some features to make it slightly better. I know it's been ages since my last update but things have been busy. For those who have never played it: Book of Blood is a top-down survival shooter, where the aim is to survive as long as possible and kill as many monsters as you can. It is set in the realm of paper.

You are the lone hero doomed to death, inside the sadistic mind of a bored school kid. Welcome to his Book of Blood! In these pages you will find your many adventures and many deaths, drawn by this school kid during his boring English classes. Survive his creativity as long as possible by killing the monsters his mind envisions, but you cannot live forever... No hero ever can.

Demo has:
*Decent menus
*5 different monster types
*6 different projectile types used in procedurally generating weapons
*High Score and cumulative tracking
*Placeholder music by SA progressive deathmetal band, Abominor.

Planned features:
*20+ projectile types.
*15+ monsters.
*Tracking number of weapon crates collected and using the cumulative number to unlock new weapons - encourages players to pickup new weapons.
*Powerups: bullet time, regen etc
*Monsters available to be spawned based on cumulative number of kills - game adapts to fight you.
*Special achievements based on highscores and cumulative points and other possible events.
*Special unlocks (game modes, weapons, powerups etc) based on achievements.
*Better music and SFX.

*Hold left click to fire (fully auto weapons).
*Aim using the mouse.
*WASD or Arrow keys.

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  • I like the idea! I got 142 secs, 90 monsters :) The presentation's pretty much there for a prototype - you can see the mechanics down :) Just a few comments:

    1) Sometimes a monster just gets on top of you and doesn't let go... There's no collision detection, no bouncing, no grace period, he kinda just rips you a new one in hyper-speed mode, which was kinda frustrating. Maybe after that lunge that damages you (which made me shat my pant once), they should ease off a bit?

    2) The game seemed to lag a fair bit, more as the game went on. My Chrome *was* open but my photoshop runs just fine, so I'm not sure if it's a system issue?

    3) The weapon system seems very interesting, is it a combination of factors that make procedural weapons? It would be nice to know what's going on with it, like, what am I getting?

    4) The game seems to be quality over quantity (Crimsonland was quantity) in terms of monsters, but it would be nice to see some more quantity :P for me it does feel more POWER to be killing hoards. This may be counter to feedback point 2) though :P

    5) Maybe some kind of lined paper background? Sometimes I walk and dunno where I am, if I'm walking, especially right at the beginning of the game.

    6) Oh no spawning right next to the character please, especially if they do that lunge thing.

    7) I played this game called Robokill, and they have enemies that come after you and accelerate in a straight line, and decelerate when turning to chase, so there's a skill in running away in a circle. I liked that part of the strategy as I could never just run in one direction to get away but needed to use that to almost matador the enemies.

    Cool, looking forward to more :)
  • @Tuism: Thanks for the great feedback. Just some feedback from me.

    1) Easing off is a great idea... I will play with this. I think the "Beserkers" are a pain in the ass at the moment.

    2) Hmmm lag seems strange. I have never noticed it but I am testing on the "beast" PC. I will iron this out when I access to different PCs.

    3) The procedurally generated weapons are based on the projectile type, which allows there to be min and max rate of fire and also affects the probability of a triple shot. There is the announcement of what weapon you have picked up (text pop-up). Maybe that's unclear. I don't want players to know what's in the crate so that there is a trade-off between possibly getting a better weapon or getting a piece of crap = MEANINGFUL DECISIONS. Also coming soon will be the fact that cumulative number of crates unlocks new projectile types.

    4) Looking to create +15 types of monsters... Unlike Crimsonland every monster has a different behaviour. You've already met the Beserker (rushes you).

    5) Totally agree. There is also going to be tears in the page and randomly generated pencil smudges.

    6) Every monster has a minimum spawn distance from the player. I will simply increase this. This does not apply for the "Blinkers", which can teleport onto the player.

    7) All monsters have a response time so they don't chase you instantly. I might use this mechanic.
  • Just on 4), I was referring to the number of monsters on screen at a time p, not how many types there are :)

    On 6) and 7) I haven't noticed these cos sometimes I just started and felt I got immediately tele-raped :p
  • Fixed the clingy monster issues. Added in cool announcer voice. New music. Above download link still works.
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