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Hi Guys,

One of the complaints I keep hearing is that the committee isn't transparent enough and doesn't communicate what we get up to enough. As a start to try fixing this I'm creating a post with links to all our important documents and will be adding to it as and when I can. Eventually we'll have an actual page for all this stuff but a thread will have to do for now.

If you ever have any questions about what the committee is up to, have complaints about how things are being run email me on or tweet me @nickhallsa


Our Constitution: Signed Constitution
Our NPO Certificate: NPO Certificate
Our 2012/2013 Financials: 2012-2013 Financials
Our Tax Exemption Certificate: Notice of Reciept (will update with actual certificate as soon as we get it)


  • We'll need to throw up a proper graphic Corporate Identity documentation (corporate!? WHAT?! AI = Association Identity. How's that?) eventually, but for now, this one will do pretty well enough:
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  • @Tuism - Something that I am squirreling away with as well ;)
  • @dammit oooooh what about it? :) Need stuff from me? Though everything should be freely available already.
  • @Tusim - A full brand bible will be needed at some point. I'm mostly currently educating myself on all the necessary bits that need adding and then it will be a process of getting all volunteer artists (such as yourself and @Damousey ) to create all the necessary assets and then get sign off from the committee.

    Once that's done, we'll be able to have all the assets in one place - accessible for any reason (such as t-shirts or letter heads).
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  • Is there a white/red on black version? May be hard to read but black always looks cooler on shirts...

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  • Is there a white/red on black version? May be hard to read but black always looks cooler on shirts...

    I definitely agree that we need a version for black T-shirts and the white t-shirts look old and outdated very quick. Can anyone volunteer a version for this?
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    There was an extended document with the logo on black... I just can't seem to find it for the life of me :/

    edit: Thank goodness for the cool google search :)
    Original thread:

    Logo application doc attached :)

    The application isn't that different really. I originally didn't like the red on black because the reasoning is that we don't have black hearts, but at the end of the day if you MUST wear a black tee I'd rather it stay like that. Or we'll print it on a white background so the "heart" isn't black.


    But that's a t-shirt design, which is a separate issue from "hey can we get the logo on black", because a t-shirt design isn't "hey can we get the logo on black", it's a different question, that question is "hey let's design a black t-shirt" :)

    And if we're doing a t-shirt design we need to know what's going on it. For example the rAge shirt last time was the rAge shirt with rAge stuff. Amaze coming up we need some Amaze stuff on it.


    I do think we should have a generic mgsa tee for general selling/use. So... When do we want that, and what needs to be on it? Just the mgsa logo?

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  • Hi
    Are the signed constitution and financials available to look at?
    The links in the first post are disabled.
  • Hi Dipso I've attached the files to this post
    Constitution - signed.pdf
    MGSA Financials - signed.pdf
  • Thanks :)
    The constitution is good. Well done to all involved who put it together.
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