Membership Roll Now Online!

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Hi Everyone,

You can now register or check your membership to the Make Games SA Association online!

You will need to be registered on the system in order to vote in this year's committee selection, open from 28 April to 30 April 2014.

Please report any questions or problems you have in this thread.

  • I'm already registered on the forums, do I have to register as a member as well? Yes! The association member roll and forum registration are 2 separate things.
  • I registered as a member before, do I need to register again? No, once you're registered you are a member for life. Use the form to update your details as needed.
  • I stay far away from CT/JHB/DBN, what do I select? Use the option 'None' then.
  • I stay in CT/JHB/DBN but I don't go to the community meetings, what do I select? Still select the closest community meeting please.
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